Off-Grid Solar Systems are Becoming More Accessible and Convenient in Australia


Off-grid properties in Australia are growing rapidly—in fact, in 2020, there were only 809 off-grid properties for sale, but in 2022 this numberhas reached 1,362. Commodore Independent Energy Systems, a Victorian-based company, is now gearing towards off-grid systems. 

The company is now making compact, easy-to-install units as off-grid systems. Their move is due to growing demand and because it’s becoming even more common for the system’s payback to be competed within its warranty period. 

Still, it is not without its struggles. The company is aware of the common issues many Aussies face when it comes to off-grid systems. Many of them prefer not to explore off-grid possibilities because they don’t know how it works. 

To help with this process, the company started pre-wiring and pre-programming its systems, matching the practice of other companies in Australia. Commodore Independent Energy Systems hired ten electricians that are focused on pre-wiring and pre-programming units inside their warehouse. 

So, once the system is with the consumer, it will only take a few hours to install. However, the exact time it takes to install the off-grid system will depend on the amount of solar installed. 


Off-grid and on-grid solar power systems: What is the difference? 

As mentioned, plenty of Aussies still find off-grid solar systems complex. Understanding how it differs from on-grid systems will help you better gauge its concept, and who knows – It might just be the solar system for you! 

On-grid solar power system

Simply put, an on-grid system means it is connected to your utility company’s network. It’s indeed more popular than off-grid systems because users are covered by their utility companies if their systems malfunction or underperform. Additionally, if the user generates excess energy, it can be sent back to the grid and the savings deducted from their bill. The downside of an on-grid system is that it shuts down completely in case of a power failure. 

Off-grid solar power system

Now, what exactly is an off-grid solar power system? An off-grid solar system is not connected to the electricity grid. Instead, it uses an additional battery system. It is designed to generate excess energy during the day, which can be transferred to the solar battery for storage. With that, the excess energy can be used on cloudy days and/or at night. 

One of the biggest advantages of using an off-grid solar system is that users will not rely on grid energy. On the other hand, it is dependent on solar radiation, which means that if there is prolonged cloudy weather, it can significantly impact the system’s power generation. 

Not Australia’s first easy-to-use off-grid solar system

It’s not only Commodore Independent Energy Systems that is making things easier for Aussies to use off-grid solar systems. 

Recently, EcoFlow started marketing their new EcoFlow Power Kits that are designed for tiny homes and camper vans. The kits have a smaller capacity compared to what Commodore is offering, but EcoFlow is also aiming for simplicity and ease by putting components, such as the battery system, charging system, DC converter, and inverter, in a pre-configured box. 

The Cost of Off-Grid Solar Systems

Off-grid systems are not too expensive, plus the batteries in the systems usually come with a ten-year warranty. The inverter warranties are between five and ten years. 

When it comes to the exact cost, it depends on how much capacity a property needs. Commodore now has a capacity calculator tool online that lets customers play around and know how much it would cost them. 

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