Feed In Tariffs – Stimulus Without The Public Debt

Most stimulus packages are being paid from rapidly shrinking tax revenues that aren’t enough to cover the splurges, with the result that public borrowing is rising rapidly. But there is another way and stimulus packages that do not require the commitment of public financial resources, such as feed in tariffs for renewable energy, are receiving little consideration.

Solar Gross Feed In Tariff For Western Australia

Announced last week, $13.5 million will be allocated over four years to introduce a gross feed-in tariff for home solar energy energy systems in Western Australia. The state’s program will be one of the most generous in Australia.

Renewable Energy Global Status Report Highlights

REN21’s renewable energy report comes in the midst of a global economic crisis, but shows there are many reasons to be optimistic with recent growth in the sector surpassing all predictions, including those made within the industry.