Australian Solar Credits Update

While the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme was defeated in Australia’s Parliament last week, there was no rest for politicians on the weekend as they scrambled to negotiate a decoupling of the Renewable Energy Target legislation contained within the CPRS.

Australia’s Solar Power Rebates Reinstated Next Week?

Australia’s Prime Minister and Climate Change Minister have been called upon to commence discussions regarding passing the Renewable Energy Target legislation component of the failed CPRS bill on Monday; which would allow for funding for the Solar Credits program to finally become available.

Clean Coal A Water Hog

A report prepared for the Australian Government has warned that coal-fired power plants incorporating carbon capture and storage (CCS) could be one-quarter to one-third more water intensive.

USA’s First Solar Tower Unveiled

eSolar, a U.S. solar thermal power company, last week unveiled its 5-megawatt (MW) Sierra SunTower solar power plant; heralding what it says is the beginning of a new era for solar energy in the nation.