Wind Power Uptake Blows Away Records

According to a recent report from the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) the USA has surpassed Germany and is now the leader in wind power installations. Total global installations last year exceeded 27,000 MW, 36% more than in 2007, mainly due to massive growth in Europe, North America and Asia.

Solar Energy: In The Interests Of Australia’s National Security

For any country, power generation facilities provide a very attractive target for hostile parties or states. Take out a few power plants and you instantly have chaos, severely compromising not only the target, but a massive region beyond. A nation in disarray is a nation that is unable to effectively defend itself. There is a solution for Australia – solar energy.

Solar Powered Air Conditioning Being Developed In Australia

With the likelihood of extreme weather events becoming more frequent and the demand for air-conditioning during such times continually increasing, Australia’s electricity infrastructure faces dire challenges. Dr Mike Dennis from the Australian National University is seeking to address the issue with the development of revolutionary solar powered air conditioning technology

Frustrated Solar Owner Threatens To Smash Panels

Victorian home owner and environmental consultant Peter Allan recently invested $24,000 on a 2.4 kilowatt grid connected solar power system consisting of 14 solar panels, but was frustrated to discover that his contribution to reducing Australian greenhouse gas emissions was penalised.

Sunpower Powers Along

While the global economic crisis is putting pressure on every industry, even the renewable energy sector, some solar panel companies continue to perform very strongly.

Solar Energy – A Solution To Australia’s Heatwave Blackouts

The southern Australian states of Victoria and South Australia have been enduring a gruelling heatwave for over a week – and it looks set to continue for some days to come. While the sun is perceived as an enemy, solar energy could provide the solution to prevent a reoccurrence of the electricity crisis that has occurred.