Solar Panel Powered City

A planned new city south of the Tampa Bay area and east of Fort Myers in Florida, USA will be powered by the world’s largest solar panel based solar farm.

22 Megawatt Solar Farm For Canberra

The ACT government is offering a $30 million subsidy to build a solar farm in Canberra with enough capacity to generate at least 22 megawatts of clean electricity – enough to power ten thousand homes..

Australian Off Grid Solar Rebate Under Threat

The Australian Government’s RRPGP (Renewable Remote Power Generation Programme) provides up to a 50% rebate on off grid solar power and wind energy, giving rural people greater access to renewable energy sourced electricity However, it appears the important program is under threat due to funding issues.

Australia’s First Solar Powered Car?

The Australian Federal Government has announced the first all-electric car certified to run on Australian roads. The Mitsubishi- made iMiEV should start rolling off production lines from June this year.

The Virus Battery

MIT researchers have recently demonstrated the ability to genetically engineerviruses to construct more environmentally friendly batteries.