Overwhelming Industry Support for Gross Feed In Tariff

The Clean Energy Council, of which Energy Matters is an active member, appeared before the Australian Senate Environment Committee on Tuesday to lobby for the implementation of a national gross feed-in tariff (FIT). The inquiry hearing occurred over two days with an overwhelming majority of representatives confirming their preference for a gross national feed-in tariff.

First Offshore Wind Farm For USA In 2012

While many politicians in the USA are focused on the topic of offshore drilling for oil in the lead up to the next election; a far better and more environmentally option has emerged for offshore energy related activities – installing wind turbines

10 Million To Be Employed In Solar Industry By 2030

According to a report published by Greenpeace and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association early this month, solar power could provide much of the energy needs for up to two-thirds of the world’s population as soon as 2030, meanwhile stimulating a massive growth in jobs in the clean tech sector.