Victorian Government solar power scheme needs extra grunt

Victoria’s proposed clean energy payment scheme, designed to encourage more people to install domestic solar power, has been condemned by some members of the renewable energy industry. Energy Minister Peter Batchelor has announced Victoria will pay households with solar electricity systems installed on their roofs a premium of 60 cents per kilowatt hour of energy […]

US invests US$60m in solar concentrator technologies

US Under Secretary of Energy Clarence Albright has announced funding of up to US$60 million over five years to support the development of low-cost Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology. “Harnessing the natural and abundant power of the sun and more cost-effectively converting it into energy is an important component of our comprehensive strategy to commercialise […]

QLD geothermal exploration permit granted

The first Exploration Permit for geothermal energy exploration in Queensland has been issued to New South Wales company Granite Power Ltd. Two other companies, Kuth Exploration Pty Ltd and Clean Energy Australasia Pty Ltd, have commenced the native title process, the final step before the granting of their exploration permits. In total there are nine […]

Hydro Tasmania aims to become carbon neutral

Hydro Tasmania has set a target of becoming Australia’s first carbon neutral generator by 2012 as part of its response to the challenges of climate change. The commitment was announced at the opening of the new home for Hydro Tasmania Consulting at Cambridge. Hydro Tasmania is also targeting the development of an additional 1000 GWh […]

BG Group proposes Origin Energy takeover

Global integrated gas major BG Group has proposed a $12.9 billion takeover of Origin Energy. Origin says it has not yet considered the proposal from BG Group to acquire each share for $14.70 cash. Headquartered in the UK, BG Group operates in a number of sectors, including LNG, transmission and distribution across 27 countries. In […]

Impact of global warming will rival great depression: Garnaut

Professor Ross Garnaut, author of the Australian government’s climate change review, has warned that the world faces severe consequences if policy makers ignore the economic impact of global warming. In an article published in the Australian National University’s biannual Asian-Pacific Economic Literature, Professor Garnaut likened the shocking economic impacts of unexpected climate change events could […]


NSW Premier Morris Iemma’s comments that NSW will face black-outs in five years if the state’s electricity sector is not privatized have been branded “irresponsible scare tactics” by one Australia’s largest solar power companies, Energy Matters. Mr Iemma caused uproar at the weekend by defying a 702 to 107 vote against the privatisation of the […]

Carbon market gathering momentum

Nymex-backed Green Exchange saw option contracts worth 1.15 million CERs trade in the first week of its launch. The bourse introduced option contracts for buying and selling CERs for clearing on the New York Mercantile Exchange on 21 April 2008. The move to trading options in the fledgling carbon market is gathering pace. London-based European […]

Tokyo Stock Exchange to study emissions trading market

The Tokyo Stock Exchange has announced it will begin a full-fledged study in May 2008 toward creating Japan’s first greenhouse gas emissions trading market in 2009. The panel, called the TSE Carbon Market Study Group, will be made up of about 30 experts in fields related to emissions trading, and the exchange will serve as […]

Canada’s carbon registry should be operational by end of May

Canada’s carbon registry should be operational by 28 May 2008, according to government officials. In early April 2008, Canada failed a UN review of compliance obligations under the Kyoto Protocol because it did not yet have an operational registry. Greece, another country to fail the review, has been barred from participating in the international trading […]