Climate Budget threatens solar industry with big sting in the tail

One of Australia’s leading online renewable energy companies, Energy Matters, hopes that certain aspects of the Rudd Government’s climate change budget package don’t lead to a trough in the nation’s renewable energy sector. While largely supporting a majority of the initiatives announced in last night’s budget, such as the $10,000 green loans scheme and money […]

PV solar power systems to become cheaper

  The price of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels is tipped to fall in the next year as the so-called “solar module supply bubble”, which has seen demand exceed supply, bursts. The biggest problem facing the solar electric industry over the last five years has been a shortage of silicon, the most common ingredient in solar […]

Solar PV sparkles on Magnetic Island

Queensland’s Magnetic Island has taken its first step in becoming one of Australia’s “solar suburbs“ under the federal government’s Solar Cities initiative. The home of local resident Lindy King is the first of 500 houses on the island to receive “smart meters” and solar panels installed on rooftops, along with energy-efficient appliances and measuring devices, […]

A proper solar feed-in tariff in Victoria – 10 Reasons Why

  The Victorian State Government recently introduced a net metered feed-in tariff. While a start, the initiative is not likely to create a massive uptake of domestic solar systems for Victorian roofs. A gross metered feed-in tariff would be needed to achieve the outcome of more solar powered homes. Briefly, agross metered feed-in tariff  can: […]

BUDGET – Disappointment regarding solar feed-in tariff

The latest Victorian budget’s claim to be environmentally responsible by introducing a solar feed-in tariff has been viewed as “disappointing” by one of Australia’s solar power leaders, Energy Matters. Markus Lambert Communication Manager, Energy Matters said: “Premier Brumby’s budget at a first glance seems to be good for solar power , as it introduces a […]

Victorian Government solar power scheme needs extra grunt

Victoria’s proposed clean energy payment scheme, designed to encourage more people to install domestic solar power, has been condemned by some members of the renewable energy industry. Energy Minister Peter Batchelor has announced Victoria will pay households with solar electricity systems installed on their roofs a premium of 60 cents per kilowatt hour of energy […]

US invests US$60m in solar concentrator technologies

US Under Secretary of Energy Clarence Albright has announced funding of up to US$60 million over five years to support the development of low-cost Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology. “Harnessing the natural and abundant power of the sun and more cost-effectively converting it into energy is an important component of our comprehensive strategy to commercialise […]

QLD geothermal exploration permit granted

The first Exploration Permit for geothermal energy exploration in Queensland has been issued to New South Wales company Granite Power Ltd. Two other companies, Kuth Exploration Pty Ltd and Clean Energy Australasia Pty Ltd, have commenced the native title process, the final step before the granting of their exploration permits. In total there are nine […]

Hydro Tasmania aims to become carbon neutral

Hydro Tasmania has set a target of becoming Australia’s first carbon neutral generator by 2012 as part of its response to the challenges of climate change. The commitment was announced at the opening of the new home for Hydro Tasmania Consulting at Cambridge. Hydro Tasmania is also targeting the development of an additional 1000 GWh […]

BG Group proposes Origin Energy takeover

Global integrated gas major BG Group has proposed a $12.9 billion takeover of Origin Energy. Origin says it has not yet considered the proposal from BG Group to acquire each share for $14.70 cash. Headquartered in the UK, BG Group operates in a number of sectors, including LNG, transmission and distribution across 27 countries. In […]