Swiss Adopt aggressive feed in tariff law for Renewable Energy

First Nation with Specific Tariff for Small Wind Turbines   Switzerland recently adopted one of the world’s most aggressive systems of feed in tariffs. The Swiss, normally best known for conservative traditions, stodgy bankers, and trains that run on time, have joined a ever increasing list of countries using feed-in tariffs to promote the rapid […]

French Solar Industry demands higher Feed-in Tariffs

Today representatives of the French solar industry and the European Photovoltaic Industry Association called for France to increase the feed-in tariffs for solar PV systems. They also called for removal of notorious barriers to interconnection. Last year France installed only 35 MW of solar PV in contrast to neighboring Germany that installed 1,100 MW. Currently […]

Feed in tariff pioneer meets Schwarzenegger in Miami

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made a surprise appearance in Miami on Thursday to praise his Florida counterpart’s efforts to stop global climate change. The California Governor said: ” Politicians have been throwing around all kinds of ideas in response to the skyrocketing energy prices, from rethinking nuclear power to pushing biofuels and more renewables such as […]

Electric car powered by solar

With oil prices rising around the world and growing demand pushing the cost of fuel to unparalleled heights, average car-users are doing it tough. Solar-powered and electric vehicles, along with hybrid technology, once a fringe flight of scientific fancy, are becoming ever more economically viable and consumers wanting to save money and fight climate change […]

QLD ahead of the pack on solar power

Queensland is leading the push to install solar photovoltaic energy systems on the roofs of every school in the state, outstripping the federal government in its promise to make every Australian school a solar school by 2015. Premier Anna Bligh launched the program, labelled the first of its kind in Australia, as part of the […]

The Economics of Solar Power

A new era for solar power is approaching. The rising cost of fossil fuels and better technology is making solar, long derided as uneconomic, a major player in the future energy mix. In three to seven years, unsubsidized solar could cost no more to customers in many markets than traditional energy sources like coal and […]

IBM pushes solar PV technology envelope

As fuels prices and energy costs surge around the world, the spotlight is fixed on the future of alternative energy sources, particularly solar photovoltaic technology. As the twin realities of climate change and peak oil become ever more apparent, big companies are quietly shifting focus and making preparations for weathering the coming storm. As the […]

“CALL TO ARMS”: global warming accelerating

Over 200 of Australia’s leading climate scientists and environment activists have issued a “call to arms” in the battle against global warming, saying that the effects of climate change are accelerating more rapidly than predicted. In a joint statement released by delegates attending the 2008 Manning Clark House Conference on Climate Change in Canberra, scientists […]

Brumby sees the light after solar tour

The future looks bright for Victoria’s solar industry after Premier John Brumby indicated that four solar power plants capable of powering 200,000 homes could be built in the state over the next ten years. He also flagged an increase of solar energy share in Victoria’s mandatory renewable energy target, possibly 2.5 percent of the total […]

Solar panel rebate rethink welcome, but not a sustainable solution

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett has signaled a rethink of the solar panel rebate means test in response to industry claims of declining sales, but one of Australia’s leading renewable energy companies says if the government is serious about supporting the solar market it should forget the rebate and instead introduce energy feed-in tariffs. Mr […]