Wind industry disagreement at EU conference

Representatives from European Union governments, the electric utility industry, NGOs and the European Parliament have debated a proposal to provide priority access for renewable energy during a panel discussion at the European Wind Energy Conference in Brussels. Eurelectric secretary general Hans ten Berge says the EU should make clear who will receive priority access and […]

Victoria launches new funding for renewable energy

The Victorian Government has announced a $72 million fund for large-scale sustainable energy projects at the opening of the Victorian Climate Change Summit. Premier John Brumby says the fund will go towards large-scale renewable energy projects across the state, such as solar energy, wave power, geothermal and biomass conversion. “Climate change is creating a climate […]

Wild weather cause power outages

Storms causing power outages in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania were caused by Cyclone Pancho, which rounded the south-western corner of Australia. It then blew out to sea before intensifying and causing mayhem across south-eastern Australia on Wednesday 2 April 2008. The Bureau of Meteorology’s severe weather expert Kevin Parkyn says the magnitude of the […]

Ferguson says coal relied on for forseeable future

“Despite the growth in renewables and nuclear power in the region, the reality is we will be reliant on coal, gas and other fossil fuels for the foreseeable future,” Federal Energy Minister Martin Ferguson highlighted in his speech to a meeting of the Asia-Pacific Partnership Joint Task Force in Melbourne. In his keynote address to […]

Russia 4th to connect to the UN carbon credit registry

Russia has become the fourth country to successfully connect to the UN carbon credit registry, effectively taking another step to trading carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol. Russia, alongside Japan, New Zealand and Switzerland, has connected its domestic carbon credit registry to the UN international transaction (ITL) log, according to a UN website. Based on […]

Carbon offset provider Carbon Conscious to list on ASX

Carbon offset provider Carbon Conscious is seeking to raise $8 million through listing on the Australian Stock Exchange in order to boost its generation of offset credits for use in the upcoming emissions trading scheme. The company has entered into various strategic relationships with farmers and rural land holders in Western Australia, and aims to […]

Sydney-based international law firm launches a CDM Rulebook

Sydney-based international law firm Baker & McKenzie’s Global Climate Change practice has officially launched a CDM Rulebook website, a comprehensive online database for the rules surrounding the CDM under the Kyoto Protocol. Under the CDM, companies from developed countries can undertake projects in developing countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and receive carbon credits for […]

Negotiators work on Kyoto protocol alternative

Negotiators from more than 160 countries have started work in Bangkok on a more detailed timetable for agreeing a global climate change deal to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. The 1200 delegates are expected to draw up a schedule for when to discuss the four “building blocks” of the future climate change regime, which were identified […]

NSW wants feedback on emissions trading scheme

The New South Wales Government is seeking public feedback on issues regarding transition to a national ETS by 2010. Minister for Energy Ian Macdonald has released a consultation paper to help the government prepare an approach to transitioning its regional greenhouse gas reduction scheme (GGAS) to a federal-based national ETS. Operating since January 2003, the […]

Rudd says Australia can play a key role in global climate change

Australia can play a key diplomatic role in securing China’s participation in global climate change solutions, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said in his speech to US think tank the Brookings Institute. Rudd announced that his government would seek to engage China and other Asian nations in talks around climate change mitigation, together with the US. […]