Half Price Solar Power Coming Soon-ish?

Researchers at Australian National University Centre for Solar Energy Systems have unveiled new solar panel technology that they believe will greatly reduce the cost of solar power systems, provide greater shade tolerance and allow for the simultaneous heating of water .

ATA Throws Support Behind Gross Feed In Tariff

The ATA (Alternative Technology Association), Australia’s leading not-for-profit organisation promoting sustainable technology and practice recently weighed in on the issue of feed in tariffs; one of the hottest topics in the Australian renewable energy industry.

Environmental Groups Slamming Carbon Capture Initiative

Greenpeace Australia is the latest organization to slam the Federal Government’s plans for a global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute to be set up in Australia next year, stating that carbon dioxide sequestration is unproven technology and carries the risk of carbon dioxide gases escaping into the environment.

Breakthrough in Renewable Energy Storage

Engineers and scientists at The University of Texas at Austin recently announced a breakthrough that may lead to the ability of storing massive quantities of electricity in ultracapacitor devices. The researchers have been investigating the use of a one-atom thick structure called “graphene” that could double the capacity of existing ultracapacitors.

Top Solar Manufacturers – Japan Losing Market Share

While Japan has been firmly entrenched as the leading country for photovoltaic cell production for many years, the last 12 months has seen a major reshuffle, with some well established solar panel companies being ousted from the top 10 and 4 Asian companies now being among the major players.

Community Groups Supporting The Switch To Solar

Community groups throughout Australia are switching on to the solar revolution by co-ordinating projects to help local residents install grid connect solar energy systems. These installations helps residents to substantially reduce carbon emissions and save money on electricity consumption.