Queensland and New South Wales Lead the Way in Australia’s Solar Power Boom

The Australian solar power industry is experiencing a resurgence with Queensland and New South Wales leading the charge. Recent data reveals that solar installations have not only recovered from the setbacks of 2022 but have also surpassed pre-pandemic levels. The strong market growth is primarily attributed to significant developments in Commercial & Industrial (C&I) and utility-scale solar installations.

Guy Olian, CEO of decarbonisation funder Smart Ease, emphasises the remarkable progress, stating, “We’re witnessing a stunning boom in businesses and not-for-profits installing and funding solar,” stated Guy. “This is being driven by the combination of high electricity prices, falling solar panel costs and organisations seeking to decarbonise their operations. With $0 upfront funding options available, the business case for commercial solar is now stronger than ever. There should be no reason for an organisation not to proceed.”

Factors driving solar industry growth

The revival of the solar industry in Australia can be attributed to several key factors, as outlined below:

Commercial solar surges

The STC Commercial market in Australia is witnessing a surge, with a particular emphasis on systems in the 15-30kW segment. Furthermore, the 10-15kW segment has overtaken the 6-8kW range in popularity, indicating a shift towards smaller commercial solar systems.

QLD and NSW lead the way

Queensland and New South Wales have outperformed previous years, with the 15-20kW and 95-<100kW segments within the STC market being the most popular, accounting for a combined 55% of installations in the past year.

Figure 1. QLD and NSW lead solar industry to new boom
Figure 1 – 15-100kW volume installed by month combined

Dominance in utility-scale solar

Queensland and New South Wales are also taking the lead in utility-scale solar installations, representing 42% and 43% of the total solar volume, respectively. Utility-scale solar is experiencing significant growth, with Queensland and New South Wales showing 13% and 11% growth in the last quarter (July to October 2023).

Stronghold in commercial installations

Queensland dominates the sub-100kW commercial installations, holding six of the top ten postcodes in this category. For larger systems (101kW to 5000kW), the suburb of Casula in Sydney’s southwest leads the nation overall.

Figure 2. QLD and NSW lead solar industry to new boom
Figure 2 – Yearly sum solar power installed (mW) Q1-3 inclusive, 2019-2023

Australia’s solar power growth

Warwick Johnston, Managing Director of Sunwiz, has commented on the surge in the solar industry, stating, “On average, monthly STC-commercial volumes over 2023 are above those seen in previous years. Recent months indicate substantially higher volumes of STC-commercial systems compared to the same time in previous years. Notably, average system sizes within the STC market have also continued to grow.”

This data underscores the commitment to harnessing the potential of solar energy in Australia and suggests that the industry has not only recovered from the post-pandemic dip of 2022 but has also displayed its trademark resilience. With high electricity prices, falling solar panel costs, and organisations keen to decarbonise their operations, the future of Australia’s solar power industry looks brighter than ever.

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