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REC Group’s installed solar capacity for 2019 hits 10GW

The REC Group have reached a total of 10 GW in installed solar capacity, achieving a benchmark that equates to 1.2 billion LED bulbs. 

Known as an international presence in solar power energy, backed by Scandinavian origins, the REC Group announced the achievement in a recent press release. Through the innovation of modules and a drive to innovate existing systems, the industry leader continues to position itself within high-end PV products.

Prime market opportunities

Currently, the entire range is available across residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial contexts. Reaching the 10 GW threshold means that the company now produces 13TWh of greener, cleaner energy. This source has already catered to the needs of over 16 million people. It’s also been a driving force behind combatting carbon emissions.

Across its innovations, REC Group have seen new advancements for the industry, including half-cut cell technology and heterojunction, putting both on the path to mainstream solutions. 

CEO Steve O’Neil said that 2019 had been a great year for the company, with new REC Alpha solar panels helping the company to reach the benchmark. 

“With a leading power density of 217 watts per square metre, this is the high-efficiency innovation needed to further drive energy transitions and empower consumers,” said O’Neil. 


Who is the REC Group?

Responsible for pioneering some of the latest advancements in solar energy, the REC Group helps support consumers across the globe with clean and affordable solutions. This means developing and rolling out international global transitions that better the environment and cost-effectiveness of current systems.

Offering photovoltaic (PV) modules, the company is known for the lowest warranty claims rate on the market. 

In 2020, the company launched its exclusive ProTrust warranty, which includes coverage for 25 years. This unique propositions are available to installers across the globe.

Originating in Norway back in 1996, the giant staffs more than 2,000 employees and creates 1.6 GW of panels every year. More than 10 GW is installed across the globe, continuing to put the brand in top position in the sector. 

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