Sigenergy vs. iStore Solar Batteries

Explore Sigenergy vs. iStore solar batteries: key features, pricing, and advantages to help you decide which suits your energy needs best. Save money and boost independence today!
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Imagine using clean, free solar energy to run your home, even after the sun sets. That’s the power of solar batteries. With the rising cost of electricity and abundant sunshine in Australia, solar batteries are becoming more popular for homeowners looking to save money and boost their energy independence. 

In this post, we will discuss two of the leading contenders for solar batteries in the Australian market: Sigenergy and iStore (formerly Huawei). We’ll discuss their key features, pricing, and specific advantages to help you decide which battery best suits your needs.


Sigenergy SigenStor
Photo by: Sigenergy

Founded in 2022 and entering the Australian market in 2023, Sigenergy offers a wide range of solar products. The manufacturer is based in Shanghai, China, and operates in over 30 countries with seven global offices or support centres. 

One of their renewable energy products is SigenStor, which many are calling a “game-changer.” Sigenergy is built on a software-first foundation, so users won’t have to worry about limitations due to software for firmware updates. 

SigenStor is available in two models: the SigenStor SP 5kW and SigenStor TP 5kW. It’s a five-in-one energy system that allows for energy independence with maximum efficiency, savings, and flexibility. It seamlessly integrates Battery PCS, Battery Pack, EV DC charger, PV inverter, and EMS. 

Safety is Sigenergy’s top priority. Therefore, the Sigenstor comes with five layers of protection: advanced temperature sensors, an internal fire suppression system, a decompression valve, aerogel-insulated pads, and high-temperature-resistant insulation. It also achieves the quickest on/off-grid switching with its advanced hardware and real-time intelligent control algorithms. SigenStor is available for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

The battery also facilitates bidirectional charging, which allows emergency power supply to home appliances and grid trading. To make it even better, the mySigen App is where the Sigenergy energy ecosystem comes together. The battery is powered by GPT-4, which can answer questions and troubleshoot.


iStore solar battery
Photo by: iStore

iStore is an Australian, family-owned business that expanded its renewable energy solutions in 2023 when it debuted its solar inverters and modular batteries at the All Energy Australia conference. Their batteries, which range from 5kWh to 15kWh capacity, are manufactured under an OEM agreement by Huawei. 

Their Smart Battery 5000/15000 ES has a modular design that allows users to add battery blocks to save money and space. It can scale in size from 5 kWh to 30 kWh. Each battery has a capacity of 5kWh and is compatible with single—and three-phase iStore Hybrid inverters. 

Safety is paramount with multiple layers of safety features and protection in its battery modules. Integrated monitoring is available through the secure EnOS platform and iStore Univers app.

Specification comparison


Sigenergy SigenStor



5.2 kWh – 7.8 kWh

5 kWh (stackable to 15 kWh)


10 years

10 years


AI-enabled, powered by GPT-4

AI-enabled with arc fault protection.

Bidirectional ready?



Choosing the Right Battery for Your Australian Home

Sigenergy and iStore both offer compelling options for solar battery storage in Australia.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and budget. Consider factors like your daily energy consumption, desired backup capacity, and future expansion plans. Australian weather conditions should also be factored in – both brands likely offer batteries designed to withstand the heat. Don’t forget to research government incentives and rebates available in your state, which can significantly reduce the upfront cost of a solar battery system.

The most important step? Consult with a qualified solar installer with experience in both Sigenergy and iStore products. They can assess your energy needs, recommend the most suitable battery option, and ensure compatibility with your existing solar system. With a little research and professional guidance, you’ll be well on your way to harnessing the power of the sun and maximising your energy independence.

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