Solar Homes rebate ‘early Christmas present’ for Victorian households

Solar rebate sees demand for solar installations soaring in Victoria.More Australian Solar Homes (MASH)

Delighted Campbells Creek resident Terry Murphy says the new Victorian Solar Homes rebate is an “early Christmas present”.

Murphy installed a 4 kW solar panel system at his home, just south of Bendigo, after hearing about the state government solar rebate scheme from community solar advocates More Australian Solar Homes (MASH).

MASH and similar organisations are spreading the good word about solar energy in central Victoria, including the new state rebate on solar installations. The non-profit group has helped more 950 households and businesses slash electricity bills.

Solar demand sky-rockets due to new solar rebate 

Interest in solar power is sky rocketing as a result of Victoria’s new solar installation rebate program.

Solar rebate early Christmas present for households.

MASH customer Terry Murphy (left) celebrates his new solar installation with MASH installer Buddy Norris. Image: MASH

The Solar Homes program brought in by the state government on August 19 now makes solar panels even more affordable for eligible residents.

Eligible homes get $2,225 off the cost of a new solar installation. 

A typical 4 kW solar power system now costs around $3,400, according to MASH. This is accessible through the MASH community solar bulk-buy scheme.

Solar rebate scheme precedes November state election

The Victorian Government will pay half the cost of a solar installation outright for the first 24,000 homes.

This covers applications up to 30 June 2019. The Victorian Labor Party has pledged to help fund a total of 650,000 solar energy systems if it wins the November state election.

Only Victorian home-owners with household incomes below $180,000 are eligible. The home must also be worth less than $3 million and must have no existing solar panels, unless the home qualifies under the early adopter clause.

Eligible applicants also include those who installed solar panels before 1 November 2009 and non-profit community housing providers applying on behalf of their tenants.

All products and service need CEC approval for solar rebate

All terms and conditions can be found on the Solar Victoria website. These include restrictions on the types of panels installed, and also the retailers who can install them.

Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited installers must install the  panels. All solar PV products must also have CEC approval.

Energy Matters uses only CEC certified installers and panels and can therefore help you benefit from this cost-saving initiative.