The Solar Powered ‘ Farm From A Box’

Farm From A Box

Farm From A Box is a modified shipping container containing a complete, off-grid solar powered toolkit for community farming.

“Adam,” the first working Farm From A Box debuted at a  ceremony at Shone Farm, in Forestville, California last week.

Its been referred to as a ‘Swiss-Army knife’ of sustainable farming and contains many of the vital components needed for a totally off-grid 2-acre farm; including solar panels and deep cycle batteries, a solar powered pump and irrigation equipment, water purification system, LED lighting, charging facilities and basic farming tools.

The system combines components from leading companies including SMA, Trina Solar and Trojan Battery.

solar powered food production

“This kit can easily be used to provide local, organic food for a school or community group. It can help jumpstart food production and stabilize a community after a disaster,” says its creators.

“It can act as an alternative to standard food aid, providing the means for struggling communities to grow their own food source without dependence on outside relief.”

Adam’s agro-ecological methods and technologies will be tested and monitored by staff and students from Santa Rosa Junior College.

“The innovative concept offered by ‘Farm from a Box’ is a terrific example of how to empower communities in developing regions to provide for themselves,” said Bryan Godber of Trojan Battery.

“Trojan is pleased to play a vital part in the ‘Farm from a Box’ worthwhile mission to help developing regions establish a stable infrastructure for sustainable food production.”

Farm From A Box is a for-profit social enterprise with a goal of building a model of lifting rural communities out of poverty – permanently.

When the basic needs of water and food security are met, other community needs can prosper, such as education, health and entrepreneurship.”

The group is also currently launching a pilot project in in Batu Ziway, in the Rift Valley region of Ethiopia.

Shone Farm is a 365-acre outdoor learning laboratory for the Santa Rosa Junior College’s Agriculture/Natural Resources Department. It includes 120 acres of forest, 100 acres of pasture, 70 acres of vineyard, 12 acres for crop production, and 4 acres of olive and apple trees.