Tesla’s new Solar Roof up and running with a lifetime guarantee

Tesla's Solar Roof up and running.Tesla's Solar Roof tiles.

One of Tesla’s first Solar Roof systems is up and running with glass solar tiles so strong they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Because only a handful of solar roofs are commercially installed, the 9.9 kW system in San Jose, California, is being showcased by its proud owner on social media.

Solar glass tiles make up 40 per cent of the roof, with identical-looking ordinary tiles making up the remainder. The system also incorporates three 13.5 kWh Tesla Powerwall batteries.

The unique glass solar tiles are so durable they are backed by a Tesla warranty for the lifetime of the house or infinity, whichever comes first.

Solar Roof stars on social media

The proud Solar Roof owner used Twitter to explain the solar power system in words and images, the post reported on by PV magazine.

Solar Roof from Tesla comes with lifetime guarantee and can be combined with Powerwall batteries for self-sufficiency.

A proud Californian home owner combines a Tesla Solar Roof with three Powerwall batteries for self-sufficiency. Image: @toblerhaus

The owner also claims the Solar Roof is costing “mid-$50k”. This is after deducting the 30 per cent solar tax credit available in the US.

The roof has the appearance of smooth glass tiles. Three other tile alternatives shown on Tesla’s Solar Roof website are textured, Tuscan and slate.

Tesla claims the tempered-glass roof tiles are more than three times stronger than standard roof tiles. They have been tested to withstand the most extreme hail, wind and fire conditions.

Tesla is currently boosting production at its New York Gigafactory. The company then plans to produce 1 GW of solar products by early 2019, with 2 GW per year to follow.

Powerwall batteries give off-grid reliability

The Solar Roof integrates with home batteries to provide a complete energy storage system. Energy collected during the day is used overnight.

The Tesla Powerwall batteries provide home battery storage even when the grid goes down. As a result, a constant source of energy is on tap during blackouts.

Unfortunately, the Tesla Solar Roof is not yet available in Australia. However, a range of more expensive solar roof tiles are available.

Otherwise, the next-generation Tesla Powerwall2 battery combines with regular solar panels to help homes and businesses become more energy self-sufficient.

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