Solar + Storage Will Have Clout In Federal Election 2016

Federal Budget energy measuresBudget 2019: no change on energy funding.

Political parties of all stripes take heed – new survey findings indicate support for solar power and battery storage could well be a vote-shifter in the next Australian federal election.

Earlier this month we pondered the result if a poll was taken today on the topic of compulsory solar. The question was triggered by a popular recent petition calling for mandatory solar and a poll from 2010 showing strong support for such an idea.

We didn’t have to wait long.

A recent poll commissioned by Solar Citizens indicates 63% of Australians would be more likely to vote for party with a policy to ensure solar panels are installed on every suitable home and building in the country.

The research, carried out by Essential, also found 60% would vote for a policy that assists Australians in acquiring battery systems.

Additionally, 59% would support a party demonstrating a solid commitment to investing in large-scale solar power and wind energy.

“Australians want political leadership that will deliver cleaner, cheaper energy from the sun – and they’re willing to use their vote to make it happen,” said Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke.

“The poll shows Australians know politicians will be listening in the lead-up to a Federal election. Australian voters want more ambitious solar policies firmly on the agenda.”

Solar Citizens wants to ensure solar and renewables are very visible on the national agenda in the months leading up to the 2016 election; which is expected to occur around September-October.

The group’s nation-wide campaign to achieve this kicked off with Solar Supercharge in Brisbane on the weekend, bringing together solar supporters from around the nation. Solar Citizens has a membership of more than 80,000 and membership of the organisation is free.

Solar Citizens probably won’t be alone in making solar a hot topic before the next election. Another organisation known for kicking proverbial and making itself heard before polling is the Australian Solar Council.

With more than 1.5 million solar households across the nation, it would be a foolhardy party that gives this passionate segment of the Australian community little consideration in their plans for emerging victorious after Federal Election 2016.