Tesla Powerpack battery a Gold Winner at Australian design awards

Top sustainability awards recognise Tesla Powerpack.Australia's Good Design Awards

The innovative Tesla battery installed at Hornsdale Wind Farm has taken out two of Australia’s top design and sustainability awards.

Tesla Powerpack’s ground-breaking technology won two categories in the 60th Annual Good Design Awards held at the Sydney Opera House on Thursday night.

The Tesla installation emerged as Gold Winner in Engineering Design for outstanding design and innovation. It also won Good Design Award for Sustainability, one of the night’s top accolades.

Sustainability awards recognise excellence of Tesla Powerpack.

Australian design awards recognise Tesla Powerpack’s innovative technology.

Judges praised the battery at South Australia’s 100 MW Neoen Hornsdale Wind Farm. The panel found it helps promote sustainable energy in Australia and overseas.

Judges also praised the battery’s immense scale and proven efficiency. They called it a ‘shining example’ to the commercial energy storage industry.

Sustainability awards recognise Tesla’s business model

After a super storm damaged critical South Australian infrastructure in late 2016, Tesla stepped in with a solution.

In response, Tesla deployed the world’s largest lithium-ion battery at the Hornsdale power reserve. Completed in record time, it delivers grid stability as well as network security to South Australia.

While Powerpack meets the needs of major organisations,  Tesla Powerwall has earned its place as one of Australia’s top in-home storage systems.

Ordinary Australian families are combining solar panels and Tesla Powerwall to slash their power bills. Some are even becoming self-sufficient using solar energy storage.

Tesla Powerpack popular choice for Australian companies

International organisations are increasingly using the Powerpack for a wide range of functions.

  • Four Tesla Powerpacks have been installed at one of the UK’s leading science parks in Manchester.
  • Logan City Council is also using solar energy and Tesla Powerpack to maintain the quality of local drinking water in South-East Queensland.
  • A 20MW battery system provides power for up to 2,500 Southern Californian homes.
  • Tesla Powerpack also stores two MWh of clean energy for New Zealand utility company Vector.
  • 54,000 solar panels and 272 Powerpack batteries are also serving the Hawaiian island of Kaua’i.
  • A Tesla Powerpack stores tidal energy power on a small Canadian island off British Columbia.

In addition, Powerpacks are also deployed at wineries, colleges, shopping malls, sporting stadiums, luxury resorts, water utilities and dairy farms around the world.