Tesla drops price of popular Powerwall 2 residential solar battery

A Tesla rechargeable battery.Powerwall 2 comes down in price (modestly)

Tesla has dropped the price of its leading Powerwall 2 battery system for home solar power. The Tesla Powerwall 2 price is now listed at $11,700. This new price is a $650 reduction from the previous list price.

For those of us living in states offering solar battery rebates, however, the change might be enough.

Here, we’ll review the latest in state subsidies for anyone looking at taking up Tesla’s Powerwall 2 discount – and the reasons for investing in a home battery.

Residential storage rebates state by state

Tesla Powerwall helps home go off-grid.

Telsa drops price of signature Powerwall 2 residential solar battery.

In South Australia, the $100 million Home Battery Scheme offers rebates capped at $6,000 for eligible households.

The subsidy provides $500 ($600 with an energy concession) for every kilowatt hour of stored capacity.

Victoria’s Solar Homes Program offers 10,000 households $4,850 off the cost of installing a battery unit. However, new rules mean not all homes can access the subsidy.

In NSW, the Empowering Homes program will offer no-interest loans of $9,000 for battery systems. In addition, households wanting solar and storage can access loans worth $14,000.

The government site states that “the first battery or solar-battery systems will be available for installation in summer 2019/2020.”

Queensland’s highly successful solar battery rebate scheme closed on June 30.

Home batteries may mean security from blackouts

Choosing rooftop solar power is still the best way to save money on electricity bills.

Now that the Tesla Powerwall 2 price has dropped, adding a battery may provide security in case of blackouts due to grid failure. For households worried about blackouts, the new Tesla Powerwall 2 is the way to go. The availability of this protection depends on the accessories that you purchase and the policies of your local distributor.

It provides 13.5 kWh of usable energy storage capacity. It also has a power output capability of 7 kW peak and 5 kW continuous.

Inverter needed to isolate house from the grid

However, to function as a backup power supply, the Powerwall 2 needs the addition of the Backup Gateway inverter. This smart device functions as the household energy management system. In the event of a blackout, it isolates the home  from the electricity grid and enables the system to function in ‘off-grid’ mode.

The Backup Gateway 2 adds around $2,200 to the cost of the Powerwall 2. But considering that other compatible “islanding” or “off-grid” inverters can range from $2,500 – $4,000, the Tesla-manufactured system could be the best option for anyone looking for energy security.

Tesla Powerwall 2 price drop means now is the time

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