Tesla Powerwall V2 – Further Details

Tesla Powerwall Version 2

UPDATE November 2016: Telsa Powerwall 2 has been unveiled and is now available for purchasing via pre-order through Energy Matters – learn more here.

Tesla has taken the world by storm with Powerwall, sparking many discussions – so it’s not surprising the rumour mill has been working overtime about the future of the revolutionary battery system.

One of those rumours has been concerning Tesla Powerwall Version 2.

However, Tesla Powerwall Version 2 is not confirmed says Energy Matters, and there are no updates planned for the near future Energy Matters is aware of that would have a significant impact on Powerwall’s performance or price.

Energy Matters also understands that when software updates are available, these will be rolled out to existing Tesla Powerwall owners where applicable.

For home owners with a single phase connection to the grid, the best and only solution available in Australia at present is the current Powerwall; coupled with a SolarEdge inverter, Power Optimizers and a StorEdge interface.

These can be retrofitted to any existing solar PV system, using AC coupling. A fully-installed upgrade solution can be purchased through Energy Matters.

Full solar + storage systems are also available via Energy Matters; with major features including a 5.3 kW or 6.3kW solar PV array, Tesla Powerwall battery, SolarEdge inverter, Optimizers and StorEdge components.

Energy Matters’ parent company, SunEdison Australia, is an official Tesla Energy Authorized Reseller. SunEdison Australia has been installing residential energy storage systems across Australia for more than nine years. The company has the people, skills and experience to ensure Tesla Powerwall units are installed for optimal performance.

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