The Best Solar Battery Security Cameras 2024

Solar battery security cameras revolutionise home surveillance with sustainable power and reliable monitoring, offering Aussies peace of mind and eco-conscious living.

With the rising concerns over home security and the increasing shift towards sustainable living, Australians are turning to innovative solutions that merge both. One such solution is solar battery security cameras. These offer the dual benefits of harnessing solar energy for power and providing reliable home surveillance. 

In this guide, we will explore the world of solar battery security cameras, their functionality, advantages, and the top picks tailored to Australian households. 

Understanding solar battery security cameras

Solar battery security cameras use solar panels to capture sunlight and convert it into energy stored in rechargeable batteries. This energy powers the cameras, allowing continuous surveillance without electrical wiring or frequent battery replacements. 

Compared to traditional wired systems, these cameras provide flexibility in placement and are more cost-effective in the long run. 

They are particularly suited for Aussie climates, providing reliable security even in remote or off-grid locations. 

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What to look for in solar battery security cameras

Below are the key features you should look for when shopping for a solar battery security camera in Australia: 

  • Weather resistance and durability: AU climates can be harsh, so it’s important to choose cameras built to withstand extreme weather conditions, including heat, rain and dust. Look for cameras with robust, weatherproof construction to ensure long-term reliability.
  • High-resolution video quality: Choose high-definition (HD) or even 4K resolution cameras to capture clear and detailed footage. This ensures you can identify faces, license plates and other details, enhancing the effectiveness of your surveillance system. 
  • Motion detection and alerts: Motion detection capabilities are essential for detecting potential intruders or suspicious activity. Look for cameras with advanced motion sensors that can accurately detect movement and send instant alerts to your smartphone or email, keeping you informed in real time.
  • Night vision capability: Choose cameras equipped with infrared (IR) or low-light night vision technology. This allows for clear monitoring even in complete darkness, ensuring continuous nighttime surveillance.
  • Two-way audio allows you to communicate with visitors or deter intruders remotely. Look for cameras with built-in microphones and speakers, which transmit clear, bidirectional audio via the camera’s mobile app or web interface. 
  • Mobile app integration: Seamless integration with a mobile app allows you to access live video feeds, receive alerts, and adjust camera settings from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet. Ensure the camera’s app is user-friendly and offers intuitive controls for a hassle-free user experience. 

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Top solar battery security cameras in Australia

Below are the top solar powered security cameras that eliminate the need to connect them to your home’s wiring system. They can draw power from solar panels, which are bundled or sold separately.  

Arlo Pro 4

The Arlo Pro 4 is a fantastic all-around device with 2K resolution, a 160-degree field of view, two-way talk, a loud siren, a spotlight, night vision and more. It can also be used without a base station. It connects directly to your Wi-Fi, so you don’t need a separate hub. The battery of Arlo Pro 4 can last between three and six months per charge. When it comes to its charging time, it only takes five hours. To make everything streamlined, download the Arlo app to access the solar battery security camera. 

Arlo offers solar panels that you can connect to the camera to ensure its battery stays charged. You can check out their solar panel offerings here.

The TP-Link Tape can be used as a baby monitor or a property security measure. It has two-way audio, motion detection, and a built-in alarm. The camera also provides 360-degree coverage with an affordable price tag. 

However, you need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network; otherwise, you must refresh the stream every five minutes for live viewing. Additionally, you must pay for a monthly subscription if you want cloud storage for motion tracking. 

The cameras can be powered by solar by getting the Tapo A200 separately. It features up to 4.5W charging power and is weatherproof.

Ring Stick Up Cam Battery

The Ring Stick Up Cam Battery is an indoor and outdoor security camera that is easy to install and works with many third-party smart devices. It features 1080p video quality, a built-in siren, motion detection, and long battery life. You can charge it, pair it with the app, and place it anywhere you want. You can also get a solar panel to extend its battery life indefinitely. It comes with a connected small solar panel (1.9W) and a backup battery pack.

Google Nest Cam

If you don’t mind spending a little more, you can’t go wrong with a Google Nest Cam. It integrates seamlessly with Google Assistant and the Nest home automation suite. Additionally, it features a 6x digital zoom feature and a large 130-degree field of view. 

It also allows you to see the last three hours of footage for free, and most of its features work without a subscription, making the extra money worthwhile. If you want more features, you can get it for $9 a month under the Nest Aware plan. 

The Wasserstein solar panel can be purchased separately to ensure continuous power for your Google Nest camera.

Wyze Cam OG

Wyze Cam OG is an affordable all-weather camera. It features 1080p video quality, a built-in spotlight, and third-party integration options. You can also pair it with a second camera from Wyze’s OG series for picture-in-picture viewing mode in the app. 

One of the best things about it is that it’s also affordable. However, some features will require a subscription. 

The Wyze battery cam solar panel is sold separately. It is designed for Qyze Cam Outdoor and Wyze Battery Cam Pro. 

Solar battery security cameras offer AU homeowners a sustainable and effective solution for bolstering home security. They provide continuous surveillance without electrical wiring or frequent battery replacements. Embracing these innovative technologies enhances home security and contributes to a greener and more sustainable future. 

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