If you’re wanting to make the most of your high-value PV-generated electricity, energy storage via a battery is a great way to go. Battery systems don’t enjoy the same sort of subsidies that solar does in Australia, but there are some financial incentives such as battery system rebates available to help support the purchase of solar batteries.

Solar + storage calculator may include battery system rebates

Battery system rebates And Incentives From Energy Matters

Energy Matters often offers battery system rebates and other incentives on solar + storage packages featuringĀ  the world’s leading brands including Tesla Powerwall, Sonnen and Enphasecheck out our range here and call our team on 133 SUN to learn more about our current energy storage incentives and cash back deals.

National Subsidy – Solar Credits

While there is no direct incentive nationally for adding battery storage to new or existing solar power systems; the Solar Credits subsidy still applies when purchasing a solar + energy storage solution together. This subsidy helps to reduce the overall cost of the system and can knock thousands of dollars off a solar + battery package. Learn more about Solar Credits.

National – Tax Breaks For Small Business

Small businesses throughout Australia may be able to claim a 100% tax deduction in the same financial year as purchasing a battery system through incentives announced in Federal Budget 2015.

NOTE: It’s important to check with your tax advisor whether this accelerated depreciation incentive would apply to your business before making an energy storage purchase decision.

South Australia – Adelaide City Council Incentives

Residents, businesses and community groups in Adelaide’s CBD can take advantage of anĀ Adelaide City Council program that offers up to $5,000 in grants for installing battery-based energy storage ( and also up to $5,000 to install solar panels).

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