Edge IQ: Voltage stability & inverter protection

If you’re wanting to make the most of your high-value solar generated electricity, you may want to consider getting a device like the Edge IQ, from Edge Electrons.

With the astounding popularity of residential solar power, the “old school” grid is sometimes not up to the task of accommodating all that electricity which is being fed into it from the solar panels on people’s rooftops. This means that voltages on the grid can fluctuate wildly, possibly damaging appliances, even your expensive solar inverter,  and also driving up power bills.

edge iq
Australian company Edge Electrons is the developer and manufacturer of the Edge IQ.

Edge IQ: Voltage stability and inverter protection

Edge Electrons has created a unique, low-cost technology to reduce your electricity bills, optimise your solar power system yield, and facilitate monitoring of your system’s performance and allows you to see the results in real-time from your mobile phone or other device. EdgeIQ works hard to save you money, so there is very little effort on your part.

Edge Electrons
The Edge IQ

High grid voltage causing issues for solar inverters

What happens when you are force-fed too much power is that your appliances are forced to use more power than they really need. In the case of one of your most expensive appliances, the solar inverter, this can have costly consequences. It is up to 15% less effective and could even disconnect completely. That means that you are not getting the value from your solar power system as inverter failure disables the entire system.

Once grid voltage reaches 254V or more, then your solar inverter will disconnect.

High grid voltage causing issues for solar inverters
EdgeIQ prevents Solar Inverter Failure caused by high Grid Voltage

Applicance problems due to excess voltage from the grid

Excess voltage means that appliances will burn out faster and warranties could be voided. In addition, the forced higher voltage means that your home will use more energy and produce more carbon emissions.

EdgeIQ solves solar inverters going offline

EdgeIQ uses globally-patented Power Filter technology to provide appliance and inverter protection. This world-first solution is approved by Energy Safe Victoria (ESV) and the Electrical Regulatory Authorities Council (ERAC). It was formerly known as the SolarIQ.

So, what happens when you filter out excess power with EdgeIQ?

  • Your solar inverter performs up to 15% better and does not disconnect. Thus your solar power system does not shut down due to excess voltage.
  • appliances only take in the power they require to run as EdgeIQ reduces high grid voltages to a steady 225 volts.
  • appliances and inverter are protected from power damage and surges. This protects the lifespan of your appliances from long-term damage caused by high voltage, as well as damaging voltage spikes (up to 10,000 volts)
  • You don’t have to change your usage behaviour at all
  • Your home uses less energy and produces less carbon emissions.
  • Fully cloud communications-enabled for simple customer monitoring through a mobile or other devices.

EdgeIQ customer testimonials

“Even with solar, I couldn’t believe how much my family was spending every month on electricity. EdgeIQ reduces our bill without us having to change our usage behaviour at all, and shows me exactly how much solar I am producing. It’s good peace of mind after investing a lot in our solar panels.”
Anton, Victoria
Annual savings: $730

“Our EdgeIQ filters out excess power from the grid. This protects our appliances from grid over-voltage and power spikes. Best of all, our EdgeIQ enables us to uninterruptedly feed in the solar power we generate.”

John, South Australia
Annual savings: $381

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So, don’t live in fear of an inverter outage, contact us today about the EdgeIQ.

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