Commercial solar thermal systems

Solar hydronics (also known as solar thermal technology) has many applications for commercial purposes. For example, heating water and cooling milk can account for a huge amount of energy on a dairy farm. Commercial dairy farms can access large amounts of free energy courtesy of the sun for heating water to clean equipment. As well they can use the energy to warm and stimulate cows’ udders, by using a solar hydronic system. On a large scale, this is known as commercial solar thermal.

Solar thermal water heating systems can’? supply all or part of commercial hot water requirements in a variety of situations. For example, including commercial laundries, hotels and hospitals.

Aside from energy savings, a solar thermal system can significantly reduce energy related greenhouse gas emissions. This demonstrates to your clients and stakeholders your organisation’s commitment to the environment.

Our range of commercial solar thermal heating systems comprise the following quality components. You can also get your FREE solar quotes here at Energy Matters.

Apricus evacuated tube collectors

Evacuated tube solar collectors from Apricus suit many commercial applications. These include hot water supply for showers in resorts, to hot water for use in dairy milking sheds.

Apricus solar collector

Apricus evacuated tube collectors features design to offer high solar conversion efficiency at high temperatures, low pressure drop, high pressure rating and offer flexible mounting formats.

Commercial solar thermal:Apricus evacuated tube collector

The Apricus company offers a range of evacuated tube products tried and tested to withstand and even flourish in Australia’s often harsh weather conditions. They also provide ongoing demand in a commercial environment.

Sanicube hot water storage system

When the fluid in the rooftop evacuated tube system heats sufficiently, the system then pumps it automatically into a Sanicube storage tank. This tank’s design is especially for solar hydronic applications. Heat exchange mechanisms within the tank heat the water rapidly ready for use.

Sanicube hot water storage

Internal view of a Sanicube hot water storage unit

Sanicube water storage systems offer cutting edging heating technology in an unpressurised unit designed for maintaining hot water temperatures for several days.

The multiple heat exchange coils can heat water very quickly. The Sanicube system also incorporates a special material for superior insulation.

A reliable hot water system is a must for any business.  So, should there be long periods of heavy cloud, an integral gas or electric boost system ensures hot water is continually available.

You can install commercial solar thermal systems for as little as $50,000. That’s a small price to pay over the life span of the system compared to the savings your business can make!

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