Solar Power

Solar Energy: Clean and Cheap Electricity

The installation of solar energy is the cleanest and greenest source of renewable energy generated electricity available. It can help power your home, business or community building.  Nowadays, it is the cheapest too! When you install solar power systems, you’ll not only slash your carbon emissions and your electricity bill costs, you’ll be joining Australia’s clean energy revolution.

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Grid connect systems tie in with your existing home electricity supply, ensuring you have all the electricity you need 24/7. This is regardless of weather conditions and the time of day or night.

Too expensive or too remote to connect to mains power? Installing an off-grid system can be a more economical solution, even over the short term. 

Looking to add solar to your business, build a solar farm, install large-scale battery storage, or have an idea for a community project? Explore your options and connect with installers.

By installing a flat plate or evacuated tube hot water system you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save up to 75% of your water heating costs. 

Hydronics refers to the use of water as a heat transfer medium in heating and cooling systems. A hydronic system gets its energy provided free by the sun and is particularly well suited to commercial applications.


Solar pumping system installations are widely used on farms and outback stations in Australia to supply bore and surface-sourced water to livestock. This is in place of high-maintenance fossil fuel electricity generation-based pumping.

Further information

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The availability and increasing installation of residential rooftop systems shows exactly how versatile and viable solar is as a source of energy for our electricity needs. This is particularly so in a sun-drenched country such as Australia.

Solar energy is forming the centrepiece of Australia’s clean, renewable and distributed electricity generation future. And it will play an important role in the smart home revolution.

The technology and the panels are becoming smaller, more economical, efficient and better looking than ever. We also have various renewable energy rebates and incentives available in Australia. These are key in reducing the initial installation investment outlay for generating electricity from your home or business rooftop substantially.

Different types of solar installations

The two main types of solar power systems are grid connect and off grid (stand alone/remote power) installations.

With a business or residential grid connect system, your house or property is still connected to the mains power supply, so battery storage is not required. A grid connect installation ensures you have the electricity you need, whenever you need it – automatically and regardless of conditions.

An off grid solar power system is installed completely separated from mains power and utilises a deep cycle battery bank for storing electricity generated by solar panels. Off grid installations are most common in rural and outback areas of Australia where the mains grid simply isn’t available, or prohibitively expensive to connect to.

Other applications for solar energy include hot water systems and solar powered pumping. Learn more about each type above and don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of friendly experts who can recommend solar panels in Melbourne and other renewable energy products to suit your needs!