Germany’s sonnen manufactures Europe’s best-selling battery system, sonnenBatterie Eco. The company’s origins are with Christoph Ostermann and Torsten Stiefenhofer in 2010. Furthermore, the company has been producing energy storage solutions since 2011.

Sonnen batteries - made in Germany

Sonnen batteries are primarily manufactured in Wildpoldsried, Germany. To enhance that, another production plant established in California’s San José to build systems for the USA market.

The privately-owned company is growing very quickly. In June 2016, sonnen employed 200 people. Just a few months later (September), the number of employees totaled 250.

Now in its eighth generation, sonnenBatterie Eco has not only proven incredibly popular in Europe, uptake is rapidly increasing in other markets including the USA and Australia. In November 2016, the company delivered approximately 1,100 energy storage units. That is a new record for sonnen.

More than 15,000 sonnen batteries are now installed globally.


In July 2017 sonnen announced that its would be offering sonnenFlat in Australia. To explain that, it means that sonnenFlat will give eligible homes (both new users and existing sonnenBatterie compatible solution owners) flat price electricity from just $30 a month. To clarify, that applies all day and night, even when the battery is flat and it’s the middle of night or cloudy overhead! It’s another game changing shift from the global leader in home battery technology. It promises a quantum leap in the solar and electricity utilization and valuation paradigm in Australia.

Discover more about sonnenFlat and this amazing flat price electricity offer.

sonnenFlat flat price electricity with a sonnenBatterie

sonnenBatterie Eco Characteristics

  • Modular – from 4kWh to 16kWh in 2kWh increments

  • Plug and play, all-in-one energy storage solution

  • Easily integrates with new and existing solar power systems

  • 10 year/10,000 cycle warranty

  • Self-learning algorithm

  • Stylish and compact

  • sonnenApp for monitoring energy usage and production

  • Learn more about sonnenBatterie Eco

SonnenBatterie Add-Ons & Services

Sonnen’s Awards

Some of the many accolades the company has received in recent years include:

  • Zayed Future Energy Prize : SME Category, 2017

  • Global Cleantech 100 : 2015, 2016, 2017

  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Award : 2015, 3016

  • MIT Technology Review “50 Smartest Companies 2016”

  • Greentech Media’s 2016 Grid Edge Award For Innovation

  • Cleantech’s 2015 Company of the Year Award

Solid Company, Well- Resourced

Sonnen is also attracting positive attention from investors. For example, in October 2016, the company successfully completed a new financing round with a total equity amount of $85 million USD. Sonnen’s investors include eCAPITAL, MVP, SET Ventures, Inven Capital and GE Ventures.

Learn more about the past, present and future of this dynamic company in our interview with Sonnen’s Managing Director, Philipp Schröder.

Sonnen Battery System Enquiries

Energy Matters can supply and install sonnenBatterie Eco for home and business customers as part of full systems or retrofits. Additionaly, we also supply to installers throughout Australia via our wholesale distribution channel.

Residential Customers

Get a quick quote on a German-made sonnen battery for a retrofit installation or as part of a full solar package!

Commercial Customers

Energy Matters offers sonnen battery systems as an option in our commercial energy storage solutions.

Wholesale Customers

Sonnen products are available via Energy Matters’ wholesale distribution arm at very competitive pricing.