Energy Matters – A Trusted Name For Solar Installations

At Energy Matters, we believe in world powered by solar energy. For this to occur, renewable energy must be affordable, of the highest quality and easily accessible to home owners, schools, community groups and businesses.


That’s why we have worked tirelessly to give you:

The most knowledgeable solar staff in Australia

Energy Matters was one of the first dedicated solar energy solution providers in Australia. We have solid experience with installing nearly every solar product under the sun; so you know you are receiving quality when you buy from Energy Matters. We only source products that have been tested in the harsh Australian conditions so that we install a solar system that will last the test of time and best suits your needs. Get a quote today via our online quote tool.

The best-accredited and local installers

Since Energy Matters was founded in 2005, we have installed over 20,000 quality solar panel systems on homes, schools and commercial buildings. We have one of the largest number of accredited (Clean Energy Council) installers working with us with extensive experience working with home and commercial solar panel systems in Australia. So no matter where you live, we will have an installer near you who can complete the job, and fast!

Energy Matters is the sole supplier to New South Wales Government Departments. We are an award winning company and well recognised in the industry, actively participating as members in leading industry associations. This is a true testament of our passion to solar power.

Quality assured products

We want every Energy Matters customer to maximise their savings; so we offer the best quality systems that last longer, perform better and save you more money in the long run.

Our solar panels, like us, are in for the long haul that is why we offer you a solid warranty on all grid connect solar panels. Energy Matters only works with reputable companies – in fact the companies that supply us with solar panels are listed on stock exchanges around the world.

Affordable payment plans

Energy Matters are determined to help Australia become a solar nation which is why we broke the payment barriers by providing an Australian first – a no-deposit payment plan. Imagine having the best quality solar panels installed on your roof and it costing you nothing up front! Get a quote today via our online quote tool.

The no-deposit payment plan means you could start saving from the day your solar system gets installed; Imagine having the best quality solar panel system, using the leading brands and it costing nothing up front. This is now a reality. In cases where you consume the majority of your solar power onsite the amount of money you save is likely to be greater than your monthly outlay. In other words, the savings from your electricity bill will actually pay off your solar loan over the repayment period.

That we offer long-term payment plans is another indicator of our stability. Only solid companies offering products built to last gain support from financial institutions.

Service beyond the sale

Being passionate about renewable energy, our sales consultants want to ensure you have the best – nothing less. They’ll listen carefully to your needs and recommend the best installation options for your budget and ways to reduce costs. We welcome any questions you may have – contact us on 133-SUN (133 786) or via our online contact form or use our online quote tool to get started today.

Jan Laczynski speaks about his experience in having a
solar power system installed by Energy Matters.