Columbia University Starts Dumping Coal Investments

Columbia University has joined the growing ranks of higher learning institutions to begin divesting from coal. The University’s Trustees announced last week it would be dumping investments in companies that derive more than 35% of their revenue from the production of thermal coal. Additionally, the University will begin participating in the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Climate […]

Solar Powered Lasers To Beam Energy Back To Earth

Harnessing the power of the sun from space and transmitting it back to Earth appears to be a step closer. Scientists at Russia’s Rostec Corporation say their research work is complete and they have developed a prototype solar powered oxygen-iodine laser. The plan is to install the technology on orbital satellites, which would beam the energy […]

Solar Powered CO2 Scrubbing Molecule Revealed

Chemical engineers from Indiana University in the U.S. have created a molecule that utilises solar energy to convert atmospheric carbon dioxide into greenhouse-neutral fuels, which can then be stored or used for power generation. The molecule works by using light or electricity to trigger a reaction that converts carbon dioxide (CO2) into carbon monoxide, a […]

Solar, Storage, Smart Home Tech For Isles of Scilly

A major project in the Isles of Scilly will help alleviate fuel poverty through the use of solar, battery systems, electric vehicles and other smart home technologies. The Isles of Scilly are an archipelago situated off the Cornish coast of southwest England. Home to around 2,500 people, the community faces similar energy challenges to those […]

South Australia’s Energy Plan – Gas Crazy Or Cunning?

South Australia’s announcement to “go it alone” on electricity generation has captured headlines around the world and created more than a few headaches for national regulators. As we mentioned yesterday,  South Australia’s government announced plans on Tuesday for adding a 100MW battery storage facility – with other large-scale energy storage systems to follow. The Weatherill […]

Extracting Hydrogen From Biomass With Solar Energy

In a world first, scientists from the University of Cambridge have developed a method of using ambient sunlight to extract usable hydrogen fuel from abundant biomass waste, including paper, wood and leaves. Until now, converting biomass waste into hydrogen has been an energy-intensive task because the main component of plant matter – lignocellulose – is […]

Power Link Island Project To Proceed

An ambitious plan to build an artificial island in the North Sea that will act as a renewable energy hub looks set to go ahead. On March 23, the Netherlands’ TenneT TSO B.V., Denmark’s and Germany’s TenneT TSO GmbH will ink a deal that will see a large renewable European electricity system established in […]

South Australia And Victoria’s Big Battery Storage Cash Splash

Both Victoria and South Australia yesterday announced plans for adding 100MW of energy storage to their respective states – and sooner rather than later. First, to South Australia, where the Weatherill government announced a $550 million plan it says will secure the state’s electricity supplies and put downwards pressure on prices. As we mentioned yesterday, […]

Apple Kicks Off Supplier Clean Energy Program In Japan

Apple has announced Ibiden, the tech giant’s Japanese component manufacturer, will become the first company in the country to power all its Apple-related operations with 100 percent renewable energy. Ibiden, which supplies circuits and chips for Apple devices, will invest in more than 20 clean power projects. Among these are a large floating solar PV […]

Competition In Australia Electricity Retailing – A Massive Fail?

Electricity prices in four Australian capital cities have almost doubled over the past ten years. Competition in electricity retailing simply hasn’t delivered what was promised: lower prices. A new report from the Grattan Institute says competition is also yet to deliver the promised innovation in customer service. While competition should have put downward pressure on  […]