Renewable Energy Investing Ramped Up by Macquarie Group

The Macquarie Group is ramping up its global renewable energy investing, while warning Australia to catch up with overseas trends. The move follows Macquarie’s decision to spend almost $4 billion buying the Green Investment Bank (GIB) from the British government. The bank posted a record $2.2 billion profit for the past year, and one of its […]

Collinsville, Queensland solar plant ready to break ground

Energy developer RATCH Australia Corp. has announced it will begin construction of the $100 million Collinsville, Queensland solar photovoltaic (PV) farm on the site of a defunct coal-fired power station. The project will consist of 180,000 ground-mount, single-axis solar panels for maximum solar exposure and have a generation capacity of 42.5 megawatts (MW). The plant […]

Solar Plane takes first flight: a step to the stratosphere

Solar powered travel may be one step closer to a commercial reality after company SolarStratos performed its first test on a solar plane, which it one day hopes to take to the stratosphere. The plane which eventually aims to rise to an altitude of 24,000 meters managed 300 meters this flight with duration of the […]

Climate change action backed by Australian investors group

Investors in Australia have backed a press notice calling for the G7 to stick by the Paris agreement and continue driving its implementation for climate change action. This coming from fear over President Trump’s lackadaisical attitude toward solar and renewable energy while at the same time trying to revive America’s coal industry. The Paris agreement […]

Climate Council review calls for urgent action on renewables

The Climate Council has called on the Federal Government to take decisive action across solar power and climate change issues according to a review submitted to Parliament. Across the submission there are nine recommendations which range from building energy systems to changes relating to transparency and data. Among the report’s recommendations include introducing a solar […]

Australian Renewable Energy Agency: Solar top priority of new funding model

The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) says it will focus specifically on fostering the nation’s solar power industry under a new $800 million investment plan. The plan, dubbed Innovating Energy, sets out new priorities for the Agency as it helps guide Australia’s transition to a low-carbon economy. “As Australia shifts from fossil fuel generation to […]

Renewable Energy Investment in Australia Hits a Record High

An industry report shows that in 2016 Australian renewable energy investment hit a record high. The Clean Energy Regulator 2016 report details Australia’s progress towards achieving its 2020 renewable energy target. It shows that of 98 new power plants accredited in 2016, 86 were solar power plants. Large-scale renewable energy investment in 2016 was five […]

REC begins commercial production of next-gen solar panel

Solar panel maker REC has begun commercial production of the latest incarnation of its award-winning TwinPeak 2 Series brand, a 72-cell next-gen solar panel that sets a world record for power production. Rated up to 350Wp (watt peak capacity [1,000 Wp = 1 kWp]), the new REC TwinPeak 2S 72 Series uses multi-crystalline technology to […]

110MW solar farm project switching hands

The Darling Downs solar farm project exchanged hands today with Origin Energy selling the site to the APA group. APA will take on the development cost and acquisition of the plant which will total an estimated $200 million and a grant by the Australian Renewable Energy Agency’s (ARENA) Advancing Renewables Program. Construction of the plant […]

Cut Energy Costs: Mining Industry Must Embrace Solar Energy

Mines should embrace solar power to cut energy costs. The comment comes from a review by Energy and Mines that claims solar can offset the energy costs of mining. Most noteworthy is that energy costs can be up to 15 per cent of a mine’s input costs. “Some mines in Australia operate in incredibly remote locations, and the cost […]