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Solar Panels : Tasmania

Hobart Metro Solar Specials!
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These Packages Include:

4.16kW Solar Package:

  • 16 x Award-Winning 260W REC Solar Panels
  • BONUS! 2 Extra REC Modules FREE! (4.68kW total)
  • SB400TL-21 SMA Solar Inverter – Made In Germany
  • Australian Designed & Made SunLock Mounting System
  • Professional, CEC Accredited Installation
  • Zero Deposit Payment Plan Options**

5.2kW Solar Power System:

  • 20 x 260W REC Solar Modules – Award Winners!
  • BONUS! 2 Extra REC Panels FREE! (5.72kW total)
  • SB500TL-21 SMA Solar Inverter – German Quality
  • Australian Designed & Made SunLock Racking System
  • Professional Installation – CEC Accredited
  • Zero Deposit Payment Plan Available**

Estimated annual electricity savings [1]:

  • 4.16kW (4.68kW) system: $919 – $1,137 a year
  • 5.2kW (5.72kW) system: $1,123 – $1,389 a year
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Electricity prices in Tasmania have jumped in the last few years and will likely continue to creep up.

Solar is a solid investment – for example, this system installed in Hobart will add value to your home and can also provide an annual return on investment better than cash in the bank!

Slash or even wipe out your electricity bill!

For any surplus energy you’ll be credited by Aurora Energy 8c per kilowatt hour for power exported to the mains grid.

[1] Estimated electricity bill savings in Hobart and Tasmania noted above based on 24.1c per kilowatt hour electricity price and 5.6c feed in tariff with 70% to 100% consumption of produced electricity.

Energy Matters Tasmania Solar Guarantee

Our rock-solid guarantee program means in the unlikely event an issue occurs with your solar power system, your purchase is covered – for years. We supply this guarantee with total confidence as we only provide quality systems to households in Hobart and throughout Tasmania; installed by trained and accredited solar installation professionals. You’ll also have the peace of mind through our unique system performance guarantee program; available with selected systems!

Tasmania - Solar Power Systems and Guarantee

Energy Matters makes solar simple

We know how confusing the topic of solar energy systems can be and we’ll explain it to you in as little or in as much detail as you require. It’s our goal to provide you with the right advice and the right system for your needs. We understand solar is not a “one-size-fits-all” investment and we will be with you every step of the way to provide you with superior service and end results! Call our friendly team on 03 6344 9991 today!

About the components

REC Peak Energy series panels were a nominee for the 2010 Intersolar Photovoltaics Awards and have been subjected to damaging potential-induced degradation (PID) resistance testing; passing with flying colours.

Award winning REC Peak Energy Series solar panels provide more power per square meter; allowing you to make better use of your valuable rooftop space.

We were the Asia-Pacific’s first REC Platinum Partner and also Australia’s first REC Solar Professional. Our status means we can  offer you an additional 2 years product warranty. Further info on REC solar panels.

Hobart - Peak Energy - REC solar modules

SMA inverters offer incredible efficiency and are one of the most popular choices for Australian solar power system installations – and around the world. A leader in solar technology, over 50 gigawatts of SMA inverter products are in use globally. SMA is a German company, proud of their tradition in creating the finest solar and battery inverters on the market. More on SMA solar inverters.

Hobart - SMA solar inverter

Our SunLock mounting systems were designed by Australian professional installers. Incredibly robust, they are not only Australian-designed, but Australian made too.

SunLock mounting system

Additional notes, terms and conditions

Terms and conditions associated with this Hobart metro offer can be viewed here.

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