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Solar Panels : Victoria

Melbourne Metro Solar + Battery Specials!
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Solar panels Melbourne sale

These Packages Include:

5.30kW Solar + 6kWh Storage Package:

  • 20 x 265W High Performance JA Solar Panels
  • 1 x 5kW SMA SB5.0-1AV-40 German Made Solar Inverter
  • 6kWh SonnenBatterie Eco 8.2 German-Made Battery
  • NEW! Sonnen Protect Upgrade Package**
  • WiFi Monitoring (Site Requirements Apply)
  • Australian Designed & Made SunLock Mounting System
  • Professional, CEC Accredited Installation
  • Zero Deposit Payment Plan Option*

5.30kW Solar And 12kWh Battery System:

  • 20 x 265W High Performance JA Solar Modules
  • 1 x 5kW SMA SB5.0-1AV-40 Solar Inverter – Made In Germany
  • 12kWh SonnenBatterie Eco 8.2 – Battery System
  • NEW! Sonnen Protect Upgrade Package**
  • WiFi Monitoring (Site Requirements Apply)
  • Australian Designed & Made SunLock Racking System
  • CEC Accredited Installation – Industry Professionals
  • Zero Deposit Payment Plan Available*

Estimated annual electricity savings [1]:

  • 5.3kW system + 6kWh battery: $1,181 – $1,662 a year
  • 5.3kW system + 12kWh battery: $1,593 – $1,868 a year
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System warranty and guarantee - Victoria
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An investment with great returns

Think of installing solar panels as an investment rather than an expense – an investment that out-performs many others these days!

[1] Estimated Melbourne and Victoria electricity bill savings range noted above based on average TOU Peak 25.8c per kilowatt hour electricity price, 6.2c feed in tariff and 70% to 100% consumption of produced electricity.

Confused about solar? We make it simple

Buying solar doesn’t have to be a headache. Thousands of households in Melbourne and throughout Victoria have joined the rooftop revolution with an Energy Matters supplied and installed home solar power system. We’re here for you every step of the way to help you enjoy a hassle-free solar experience.

Upgrade options also available – call 133SUN (133 786) for details!

Energy Matters Victoria Solar Guarantee

We only use leading brand components in all our systems, installed by accredited solar professionals. However, our robust guarantee program in Victoria also includes a unique system performance guarantee on selected systems to assure your solar purchase will be protected for many years.

Victoria - Solar Power Systems and Guarantee

About JA Solar modules

Named one of the world’s most bankable solar brands by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, JA Solar has been producing high quality solar panels since 2010 and is a vertically integrated, Tier 1 module supplier. All JA Solar panels feature an outstanding power positive tolerance, meaning the actual wattage output of each panel is higher than the nameplate rating; providing you with more solar bang for your buck. Discover more about JA Solar panels.

Melbourne - JA Solar panels

About sonnenBatterie Eco

When multi-award winning Sonnen were developing this leading battery system, they envisioned a world where smart, clean electricity systems generate and store energy close to the point of consumption. The sonnenBatterie Eco is part of fulfilling that vision and includes the very user-friendly sonnenAp for system monitoring. This is the latest Eco model (8.2) – note that some retailers are still offering the older version. Further details on Sonnen residential energy storage.

Melbourne - Sonnen Battery - Made In Germany

NEW!  sonnenBatterie Protect 1300

This clever little device senses mains power outages and automatically switches over to battery power You’ll be able to protect your valuable food from spoiling and keep small appliances running during a blackout using your battery as a backup power station! Further details on Sonnen Protect.

Melbourne - Sonnen Protect

About SMA inverters

With over fifty gigawatts installed globally, SMA is a leader in solar inverter technology and manufacturing; with divisions in nine countries on four continents. SMA inverters are characterized by a particularly high efficiency and are one of the most popular choices for Australian solar power system installations. Discover more about SMA solar inverters.

Melbourne - SMA Sunny Boy Storage

About SunLock mounting systems

SunLock mounting systems are designed by Australian installers for Australian conditions. Manufactured locally, SunLock sets the standard for the new generation of solar racking.

SunLock mounting system

Notes, terms and conditions

Terms and conditions associated with this Melbourne metro offer can be viewed here.

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