25 years Product Guarantee & 25 years Efficiency Guarantee

Aleo provides 25 years product guarantee and 25 years efficiency guarantee. And this is very important. Performance warranty only counts if the product warranty covers the same period. When performance is affected it only makes sense that the product itself is the primary failing suspect. Aleo is certain of the finished quality panels it produces […]

How many companies actually manufacture solar modules in Germany?

Globally, there aren’t actually many solar modules produced onshore in Germany, despite claims that some make. This “connection” is often boasted as being affiliated with a brand, office or manufacturer in this industry-renowned country, but that’s not necessarily the case. The fact of the matter is that most panels are made in China or Asian […]

Why German-Made Solar Panels are Worth the Investment

As it stands today, very few panel manufacturers actually produce solar modules in Germany, although many more claim some kind of German “connection” – that comes in the form of being an office, a brand name or something else. The truth is, most manufacturers are located in China or other Asian countries, taking advantage of […]

What do Christmas trees have in common with aleo solar modules?

German tradition & quality at its best. German-made quality and craftmanship are universally recognized, with highly esteemed brands spanning from the automobile industry and pharmaceuticals, to inspiring yet practical inventions we use in our every-day life, such as adhesive tape! It is commonly acknowledged that the “Made in Germany” seal is a synonym for quality, […]