How do you go about buying solar panels in Melbourne?

So, you live in Melbourne, one of the world’s most liveable cities, and you’ve made the decision to go solar. Why would you decide to?  Because livable means desirable. And desirable can mean expensive due to law of supply and demand, and you want to rein in your power costs. As well, you want to do your bit for the planet by reducing your carbon footprint. The Victorian Solar Homes program announced in August 2018 makes going solar even more attractive. Here is how you go about buying solar panels in Melbourne.

If you’ve decided to go solar, you’re probably becoming familiar with the main components of a system. The most obvious component being the solar panels. Those panels are probably the most distinctive signs of a solar home. Then there is also the humble and uncelebrated panel mounting devices and the heart of the system, the inverter. This converts DC electricity made from sunlight by the solar panels into AC electricity which can be used in your home.

Buying solar panels in Melbourne

Buying solar panels in Melbourne, such as these, can result in savings and an improved environment.

Where do you buy solar panels in Melbourne?

There are many solar panel retailers in Melbourne. Energy Matters is one of many established long term businesses . Others are fly by night cowboys who dip into the market to make a quick buck. They buy solar panels at the lowest price, and then use unqualified solar panel installers to place them on your roof. Price counts, but is it worth it when the panels could become loose, ineffective or even catch fire?

Some overseas based companies also try to serve the domestic market. You can tell by the quality of the line and the quality of the English in their call center. They have cheap subcontractors here who actually do the work on your home,  but they have no loyalty to the core company.

Melbourne skyline: one of the world's most liveable cities

Melbourne skyline: one of the world’s most liveable cities

Factors to consider in Melbourne solar panel selection

Consider the brand (including the manufacturer tier), the size, the watts generated, the warranty, and of course, the cost.

Chinese factories manufacture the majority of solar panels used in Melbourne. Some are good, and some are a little lower quality. Even the panels branded Canadian, are actually Chinese made!

Energy Matters sells a range of solar panels made by a number of manufacturers with a number of source countries.

For a full technical guide to choosing the best solar panels, go to this page. For solar panel sizing advice, state by state, including Melbourne, Victoria, visit this page.

Federal solar rebate / incentive

The Federal Government’s Renewable Energy Target scheme (RET) provides an incentive to reduce the cost of solar power systems. The incentive is according to the energy generated in the form of solar credits. Energy Matters incorporates the value of these solar credits by providing a discount on the solar panel system you purchase.

Melbourne solar feed in tariff (FiT)

Your retailer will credit you with at least 7 cents per kilowatt hour surplus power produced and  exported into the grid. Some retailers may offer more. For more information about Feed in Tariffs go to this page.

Why switch to solar in Melbourne

Melburnians have experienced unprecedented electricity price rises in recent history. Energy Matters has the lowest ever prices on world-leading brands. NOW is the best time to buy solar panels in Melbourne and reap the benefits of a substantially reduced electricity bill. You’ll love the feeling of self-sufficiency and rejoice in the knowledge you’re producing clean, green energy.

Solar panels Melbourne

More solar power Melbourne details

With a 5kW solar power system and an energy efficient household, Melburnians could easily wipe out their electricity bill.  Energy Matters’ lowest ever prices on world-leading brands mean that there’s never been a better time to buy solar panels. Energy Matters also have smaller systems starting at tiny prices, but you’ll need to be quick!

Check out our latest specials on solar panels in Melbourne and Victoria. You can also try our no-obligation instant online quote tool to calculate which system is right for you.

Who is Energy Matters?

Melbourne is Energy Matters’ home turf. Founded in 2006, we’ve installed thousands of solar panel systems across the entire state! Our efforts in the solar revolution were recognised when we were named a winner of the Melbourne Awards.

Our thorough understanding of government policy and rebates ensures we only offer systems that best suit your needs under the current state legislation. So if you’re buying solar panels in Melbourne then we are probably the first place to stop to shop.

The industry benchmark solar panel mounting system, SunLock, is designed by Energy Matters.  Our factory manufactures them right here in Australia to handle our state’s toughest weather conditions. We source all other system components such as panels and inverters  from the world’s most reputable suppliers.

When it comes to the people we choose to work with, all installers of Energy Matters’ systems are Clean Energy Council accredited. All installers are locally based. We also perform our own additional quality checks and accreditation to ensure our installers meet our very high standards.

Our goal is to make going solar simple. Call our friendly, experienced solar power Melbourne team on 1800 EMATTERS (1800 362 883) to discuss your options. Alternatively, you can get an instant, obligation-free solar quote online.

Our Melbourne, Victoria branch is located at: 359-361 City Road, Southbank, Victoria – Map directions. (Note: please call to arrange an appointment).

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Solar power Melbourne: Thousands in Melbourne and throughout Victoria are
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