Queensland solar power….it is an obvious connection for the Sunshine State. With electricity prices set to jump and keep on rising over the next few years, households in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Cairns, Townsville and throughout Queensland are looking to reduce or even eliminate their power bills with solar energy.

Federal solar rebate/incentive:

The Federal Government provides a subsidy on the cost a solar array via the Renewable Energy Target program; which is based on the electricity generated by a system. This subsidy presents as a point of sale discount when you purchase a system from Energy Matters. We also include this discount when you use our online quoting tool.

QLD solar power feed in tariff (FiT)

The feed-in tariff for regional Queensland solar power is over 6.0c cents per kilowatt hour. Some electricity retailers offer an additional amount. In South East Queensland, there is no regulated feed-in tariff from 30 June 2014. The rates are now determined by electricity retailers and can be anything up to 12c per kilowatt hour. So, it’s important to shop around.

A solid investment for Queenslanders

The Energy Matters Australian Solar Index estimates impressive internal rates of return on a solar power investment in Queensland. For example:

Townsville – 21.8%
Gladstone – 21.0%
Brisbane – 20.2%
Mackay – 20.2%
Cairns – 20.1%
Bundaberg – 19.2%

Queensland electricity bills have risen

Electricity prices in Brisbane skyrocketed by 68% between June 2007 and June 2012. Between July 2012 and the end of June 2013; a further 16% increase occurred, followed by further price hikes of up to 22%.

Why switch to solar in QLD:

Queensland still has very attractive feed in tariffs. Couple this with Energy Matters’ lowest ever prices on world-leading brands and NOW is the best time to install solar. Reap the benefits of a substantially reduced electricity bill.

Solar panels Brisbane

Further Queensland solar power details

With the right solar panel solution you can more than meet your own electricity needs. When coupled with credits for any surplus electricity you generate, you can actually eliminate your power bill thanks to solar energy

Electricity prices will keep on rising over the next few years. An entry-level 1.5kW system on a north facing roof could save you hundreds of dollars a year. A 5kW system:  thousands.

Check out Energy Matters’ latest deals on solar panels in Brisbane, or try our no-obligation online solar quote tool to instantly calculate the system that will best suit your needs.

Energy Matters Queensland

Energy Matters Queensland has a long and proud history of solar-powering Australia’s Sunshine State; a history that has seen many competitors fall by the wayside. Our thorough understanding of government policy and rebates ensures we only offer systems that best suit your needs under current state legislation.

Furthermore, the industry benchmark solar panel mounting system, SunLock, is designed by Energy Matters and manufactured right here in Australia to handle the toughest cyclones Queensland can deliver. All other system components such as panels and inverters originate from the world’s most reputable suppliers.

And when it comes to the people we choose to work with, all installers of Energy Matters’ systems are Clean Energy Council accredited; plus they’re all locally based. On top of this, Energy Matters performs its own additional quality checks and accreditation to ensure our installers meet our very high quality standards.

Our Brisbane team would love to hear from you – discuss your options via our instant online quote.

Queensland solar power installations

There are thousands of Energy Matters solar power systems in Brisbane and throughout Queensland!

*Calculation assumes a 1.5kW system feeding at least 25% of electricity produced into the grid and the day rate for electricity is 35 cents per kWh.

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