With electricity prices on the rise in the ACT, people in Canberra and across the Territory are turning to solar energy to slash their power bills. Or even to blow them away altogether. Self-consumption is where the power lies in Canberra solar installations.

Federal solar rebate/incentive:

Via Australia’s Renewable Energy Target program (RET), the Federal Government subsidises the cost of a solar panel system based on the energy generated. Thus, Energy Matters incorporates the value of these solar credits by providing a discount on the solar power system you purchase.

Note: Pending the results of the Renewable Energy Target review, the amount of support may decrease. It may be wise to lock in the current level of subsidy now.

ACT solar feed in tariff:

The retailer will pay  6.0c – 7.5c /kWh for any excess solar energy you produce that exports to the grid. Bear in mind that for any electricity you generate that you consume, you’ll be saving 18c/kWh.

Solar panels in Canberra – a great investment

How many investments do you know of that can return an estimated average 10.9% internal rate of return? Solar panels in Canberra can!

Electricity bills in Canberra have risen by:

In the period June 2007 to June 2012, electricity bills increased by 45% in Canberra. Between July 2012 and the end of June 2013, prices jumped a further 17.74%.

Solar panels Canberra

Further ACT / Canberra solar details:

A 5kW system requires only 40 square meters of north facing roof space and can save you around $1,600 every year*!

Energy Matters has a long and proud history of solar-powering Australia’s capital. This is due to our thorough understanding of government policy and rebates which ensures we offer systems that qualify best under the current legislation.

Furthermore, the industry benchmark solar panel mounting system, SunLock,  has design by Energy Matters. Its manufacture is right here in Australia to handle the toughest weather conditions the ACT can deliver. In addition, all other system components such as panels and inverters come from the world’s most reputable suppliers.

And when it comes to the people we choose to work with, all installers of Energy Matters’ systems are Clean Energy Council accredited; plus they’re all locally based. Also, Energy Matters performs its own additional quality checks and accreditation to ensure our installers meet our very high quality standards.

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ACT and Canberra solar energy installation locations

We’ve installed systems throughout Canberra and the ACT!

*For further detail on these calculations, please visit our online quote tool that provides a breakdown on the amount you could save in your specific situation.

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