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As the world moves towards a greener future, many businesses in South Australia are switching to renewable energy sources such as solar energy. Not only does this help the environment, but it can also save businesses money in the long run. The South Australian government offers various incentives for businesses that adopt solar energy to encourage this transition.

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South Australia - solar rebates and incentives

South Australia provides the most attractive incentives for solar and battery use. It’s a unique state with the greatest rebates for South Australians wishing to upgrade from solar to solar energy.

Feed-in Tariff (FiT) in South Australia

The Feed-in Tariff (FiT) in South Australia allows solar energy system owners to receive compensation for the excess electricity they generate and feed back into the grid. 

Energy retailers set their own FiT rates, which are influenced by factors such as the wholesale price of electricity and market competition.

What are STCs, and how can I access them for my commercial system?

Your system will get specialised STC numbers based on the number you want to install. This STC is equivalent to one MWh (megawatt hour). The amount of STC assigned to your system varies depending on the expected MWh energy generated within 5 years or one maximum deemed period. Example: If you had to install a system with an expected production capacity of 50 MWh in five years, you could assign 50 STCs. The market values each STC. 

When buying solar panels from an authorised supplier, you receive a Small Scale Technology Certificate (STC) for a solar rebate, reducing your solar purchase cost. The rebate amounts vary depending on the number of sunshine hours you get or the size system you choose. Federal rebates are eligible if the Clean Energy Commission and the Clean Energy Commission have approved your solar panels or inverters.

Commercial systems and Large-Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs)

As part of its Renewable Energy Target, the Australian government created Large Scale Generation Certificates (LGCs) (RET). A programme aims to lower electrical sector carbon emissions and promote sustainable and renewable energy sources.

Businesses can benefit from the Large Scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) and Large Scale Generation Certificate if they are interested in installing large commercial solar systems with more than 100kW. (LGC). Businesses can purchase and sell renewable energy produced by massive solar power systems thanks to an LGC.

A solar energy system must be authorised before generating LGCs. The first requirement is that the system won’t be based on fossil fuels. The second is that the system must be larger than 100kW.

City of Adelaide: Sustainability Incentives Scheme

Residents, companies, and organisations can receive rebates under the Sustainability Incentives Scheme for installing sustainable technologies in their homes or buildings.

These can include

  • residential, business and commercial solar PV
  • energy monitoring
  • electric vehicle charging stations
  • water saving devices
  • home energy assessments and more.

Business Solar PVSmall businesses
Medium-sized businesses
Multi-storey commercial buildings
20% up to $1,250
Solar PV system (10 kW to <20 kW)
20% up to $2,500
Solar PV system (>20 kW)
Shared SolarResidential strata building
Community buildings
Body corporation buildings
Multi-storey commercial buildings
20% up to $20,000 per site (with a maximum of $500 per premise)
Sharing of solar electricity between tenants in multi-storey premises (>20 kW).
Minimum 25% shared with individual tenants, not common areas.
Energy StorageSmall businesses
Medium-sized businesses
Multi-storey commercial buildings
Non-profits groups
Community groups
Sporting groups
50% up to $2,000
Battery energy storage
Energy MonitoringCommunity/ body corporation buildings
Small businesses
Medium-sized businesses
Multi-storey commercial buildings
50% up to $100
Stand-alone energy monitoring display where no solar PV or battery system is installed
Energy Smart BuildingsCommunity/ body corporation buildings
Multi-storey commercial buildings
20% up to $25,000
Innovative, whole-building approaches that make a measurable impact to energy efficiency and electrification of the building.
Residential strata buildings and Community/ body corporation buildings must be multi-storey
Multi-storey commercial buildings must be managed by a strata-managed.
Business cases and pre-approval are required.
Appliance ElectrificationCommunity/ body corporation buildings
Small businesses
Medium-sized businesses
Multi-storey commercial buildings
50% up to $5,000
Commercial replacement of gas appliance with electric or solar powered (e.g. hot water)
Electric Vehicle Charging StationsCommunity/ body corporation buildings
Small businesses
Medium-sized businesses
Multi-storey commercial buildings
50% up to $250
Electric bicycle charging station
50% up to $1,000
Electric vehicle one-way charging station (7 kW to <50 kW)
25% up to $2,000
Electric vehicle ‘smart’* charging station (7 kW to < 50 kW)
* Smart stations include those with demand management capabilities, or two-way charging capabilities

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Take advantage of SA rebates

Compared to other solar panels, they offer a high price in Australia and throughout Australia. The government provides incentives for home batteries by providing a rebate for solar panels and feed-in tariffs.

There are many incentives for businesses in South Australia to adopt solar energy. These incentives can help businesses save money, increase energy independence, and contribute to a greener future. By switching to solar energy, businesses can take advantage of these benefits and help create a sustainable future.

Is solar energy suitable for your business?

Solar energy has numerous advantages that are worth investigating. Investing in solar will minimise your operational costs, reduce your company’s carbon footprint, and prepare it for the future. A commercial property with a solar installation is excellent for business.

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