Tathra, New South Wales

  • Tathra Community Solar Farm

Tathra, New South Wales

System Size

30 kW

Estimated Annual Production

34 MWh

Annual CO2 Savings

500 tonnes

Solar Panels

Trina TSM-250-PC05A

Solar Inverter

2 x Fronius Symo-15.0-3-M

Mounting System

Chiko Ground Mount Framing + Mega Anchor Footings

Completion Date

March 2015

The solar panel system installed by Energy Matters at the Tathra Sewage Treatment Plant on the South Coast of New South Wales is one of Australia’s first and largest community-owned solar farms.

It’s a unique installation; with 120 Trina Solar Honey panels arranged to spell the word ‘IMAGINE’ – making it also Australia’s first solar sculpture.

The word is clearly visible for those traveling in aircraft along the flight path to Merimbula Airport.

Panels for the IMAGINE solar array were funded by community groups, business and individuals in the Tathra region and beyond. The project was the first community-council partnership of this type in Australia.

True to its name, the project captured the public’s imagination. More than $55,000 was raised in just 12 months; enough to construct the facility and well ahead of the original expected three years.

Energy Matters was selected to complete the iconic installation and provided all engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for the 30 kW project.

The ground-mount solar panel array will generate approximately 34 MWh of clean electricity annually and contribute around 50 per cent of the power needs of the sewage treatment plant.

This will significantly reduce the plant’s annual electricity bill of $30,000 and a portion of the savings are to be reinvested in solar panels for community buildings across the Tathra region.

The official opening of the IMAGINE solar power plant occurred on Tuesday 24th March 2015.

In addition to demonstrating environmental stewardship, commercial solar can make good financial sense. Considering a commercial scale solar project? Contact us today and we can begin to build your system together.

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