Elanora, Gold Coast, Queensland

  • The Pines, Elanora, Queensland - Solar Car Park

Elanora, Queensland

System Size

636 kWp

Estimate Annual Production

1,021 MWh

Estimated Annual Carbon Offset

985 tonnes

Solar Panels

2,051 x 310 watt

Solar Inverters


Completion Date

March 2016

The Pines, Elanora is a major shopping complex situated in Elanora on Queensland’s Gold Coast. The complex features three major supermarkets, more than 80 specialty stores and now a unique solar power installation.

In partnership with Energy Matters, The Pines installed Australia’s largest single solar car park structure; more than triple the size of the next largest rooftop car park solar plant in Australia.

The huge PV array consists of 2,051 x 310 watt solar panels with a combined capacity of 636kWp.

The solar panels are connected via 2,051 SolarEdge Optimizers to 19 x SolarEdge 3- Phase inverters. The Optimizers are small electronic devices attached to each solar panel that enable panel-level monitoring and ensure each module panel is continually kept at maximum power point. Electricity losses due to mismatch or partial shading conditions can also be kept to a minimum through the use of SolarEdge Optimizers.

Additionally, this SolarEdge system also provides a superior level of safety.

The DC-DC optimisers revert to ‘extra low voltage’ when a system is off during daylight hours. This enables the building owner to install a solar structure in an occupied space (i.e. panels directly exposed to human traffic) without the need for a sprinkler system for fire safety.

If an accident occurs, the system will automatically isolate to safe mode once the communications link is breached or an emergency button is pushed. This allows firefighters to operate safely and use water to push back a flame front.

The solar power system was installed in a saw- tooth formation and acts as a rooftop shelter in conjunction with energy generation, making it a unique structure.

The Energy Matters team designed the system, procured the components, and project-managed the build from start to finish; ensuring a successful implementation of the highest quality.

Energy Matters also managed the complex interaction between a number of project stakeholders to deliver a project with minimal disruption to centre operations.

In addition to solar, The Pines Elanora has introduced other environmental initiatives as part of their redevelopment; demonstrating leadership in this sector with regard to carbon footprint reduction.

This solar installation adds to Energy Matters’ impressive track record of shopping centre projects.

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