Templestowe, Victoria

  • Bupa Templestowe Solar Installation
  • Solar Panels - Bupa Templestowe
System Size

199 kW

Estimated Annual Production

267 MWh

CO2 Avoided Annually

312,390 kg

Annual Est. Savings


Solar Panels

796 x Daqo 250 watt

Solar Inverter

9 x Fronius Symo 20kW

Mounting System


One of the dozens of Bupa Aged Care sites around Australia to have gone solar is in Templestowe; which is located in the north-eastern region of Melbourne, Victoria.

The Templestowe facility is a modern care home close to the famous Yarra River, beautiful parklands and is just half an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s central business district. The facility has its own hairdressing salon, sports bar, parlour rooms and terrace café. It’s truly a home away from home for its residents.

The sun is now helping to power this comprehensive facility – quietly, cleanly, efficiently and economically.

Energy Matters’ PV installation at the Templestowe Bupa site involved the design and construction of a massive 199 kW system that is expected to produce around 267 MWh of solar electricity per annum.

Approximately 312,390 kg of CO2 will be avoided annually through the use of the system.

In addition to demonstrating environmental stewardship, the system makes good financial sense. Bupa Aged Care is expected to save an estimated $49,128 on electricity costs each year.

This huge installation features 796 high-efficiency Daqo solar panels, Australian-made SunLock racking systems and 9 Austrian-made Fronius Symo 20kW solar inverters.

Bupa Aged Care isn’t just Australia’s leading provider of aged care services, it’s also the nation’s largest privately owned solar electricity producer. The Templestowe installation is part of Australia’s biggest distributed solar power project.

Discover more about the Bupa Aged Care’s solar installations and why the company has embraced harvesting the power of the sun.

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