Penrith, NSW

  • Nepean Motor Group solar installation

Penrith, NSW

Project Size

99.75 kW

Estimate Annual Production

143,000 kWh

Solar Panels


Solar Inverters


Mounting System


Installation Completed

November, 2014

A well-established dealership located in the Western suburbs of Sydney  selling quality new, demo and used cars now has a 99.75 kW solar panel system to call their own.

Nepean Motor Group can be proud to stand out with their commitment to renewable energy and will be saving an estimated $27,579 annually on power bills by making the switch to solar.

The company selected Energy Matters to install the system; a decision based on the commercial solar experience and expertise reflected in Energy Matters’ extensive portfolio of  installations across Australia.  In 2014, Energy Matters installed more capacity in the 10-100kW range than any other company in the nation.

Nepean Motor Group specifically requested a well-known tier 1 panel; so Yingli solar panels were installed, alongside Fronius inverters.

Finding a suitable position for the solar inverters presented a challenge as the best location was in a high traffic area used by Nepean staff accepting deliveries.

Nepean Motor Group requested the inverters to be 4 metres off the ground in order not to obstruct forklift operations. However, due to accessibility requirements, the inverters could not be placed higher than 1.8 meters. The issue was swiftly resolved, with the installation of a safety barrier to ensure forklifts could not damage the inverters.

Mike Fennell of the Nepean Motor Group was extremely pleased with the installation.

“SunEdison has met our expectations and were proactive in helping Nepean Motor Group achieve the optimum outcomes, including through using the Solar Log monitoring portal,” Mr. Fennell said.

The system installed not only reached the annual solar electricity output estimated by Energy Matters (143,000 kWh), but has exceeded it. Both the Nepean Motor Group and Energy Matters are confident the impressive current energy yields are sustainable in the longer term.

Aside from demonstrating environmental stewardship, commercial solar can make good financial sense. Universities, schools, organisations and companies interested in going solar can contact the Energy Matters team on 1800-EMATTERS or via our contact form

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