Pooraka, South Australia

  • Ullrich Aluminium solar array - Pooraka
  • Ullrich Aluminium - South Australia

Pooraka, SA

System Size


Estimated Annual Production

45 MWh

Solar Inverter

2 x SMA STP15000TL

Solar Panels

126 x 235W REC

Mounting System



November 2012

After the seeing the financial benefits from solar at its Hume warehouse in the ACT, Ullrich Aluminium began investigating solar options for its other facilities.

Ullrich Aluminium, also the manufacturer of Energy Matters’ own SunLock solar mounting systems, had set a goal to reduce their electricity bills and make the most of South Australia’s solar feed in tariff.

“… solar power generation has proven an extremely profitable investment.”

“The solar system that Energy Matters installed at our facilities in Hume has been performing beyond expectations,” said Ullrich Aluminium’s Chief Executive Officer, Gilbert Ullrich. “With such a great return, solar is a compelling business investment.”

“South Australia gets so much sunshine and as well as the state’s generous feed in tariff, it simply made sense to choose our Pooraka distribution centre as the location of our next solar system.”

In the first two and a half months since installation, the Pooraka system has already produced over 14,300 kWh, well over its predicted output of 13,500 kWh.

The projected return is 25.2% per annum, given electricity prices and the current South Australian feed in tariff rate of 25.8 cents per kilowatt hour.

In just over two months of operation, the system has already generated $3,737 savings.

Ullrich Aluminium is now looking into other potential installation sites to maximise the benefits of solar.

“So far, solar power generation has proven an extremely profitable investment,” said Mr Ullrich. “The system will have paid for itself in four years – or less if it continues to exceed production expectations and as electricity prices continue to rise.

“Energy Matters has once again delivered an exceptional solar solution.”

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