GoodWe BTC Series Inverter Review


50 kW | Three phase | AC-coupled retrofit inverter (HV)

The GoodWe BTC Series 50 kW is a powerful and versatile AC-coupled retrofit inverter for large-scale solar applications in Australia. Its high-voltage battery compatibility, fast backup switching, and advanced power management features make it a compelling option for businesses looking to enhance their solar setup with battery storage.  With a 10-year warranty, the GoodWe BTC Series 50 kW offers a reliable, long-lasting solution for increased energy security and cost savings.

goodWe BTC series

Key features of the GoodWe BTC Series Inverter

  • AC-coupled retrofit design: The GoodWe BTC integrates seamlessly with existing solar systems, eliminating the need to replace your existing inverter. This simplifies installation and saves on costs.
  • High-voltage battery compatibility: The inverter works with high-voltage batteries ranging from 200 to 865V, offering greater flexibility and compatibility with various battery options.
  • Plug & Play modular design: The four-section modular design (DC/DC, DC/AC, STS & EMS) simplifies installation and maintenance.
  • Fast backup switching: The inverter automatically switches to backup power in less than 10 milliseconds, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply for critical loads during outages.
  • Unbalanced load capability: Unlike traditional inverters, the GoodWe BTC can handle unbalanced loads in backup mode. Each phase can supply power to individual loads, providing more flexibility.
  • Advanced power control: The inverter offers full control of overactive, reactive, and power factors. This is crucial for microgrid applications and maintaining grid stability.
  • 110% continuous AC overload capacity: The inverter delivers a powerful 110% overload capacity during backup, guaranteeing reliable power output for essential appliances.
  • Remote shutdown function: This feature enhances system safety by allowing remote emergency shutdown.

Specifications of the GoodWe BTC Series Inverter

  • Output power: 50 kW
  • Phase: Three-phase
  • Input voltage range: 342-800 VDC
  • Max. DC input current: 125A
  • Battery voltage range: 200-865 VDC
  • Max. DC input current: 125A
  • AC output voltage: 380-480 VAC
  • Max. AC output current: 83.3A per phase
  • Warranty: 10 years
goodWe BTC series
goodWe BTC series

BTC Series Inverter warranty

GoodWe offers a standard 10-year warranty on the BTC Series inverter.  Extended warranty options may be available from authorised GoodWe distributors in Australia.

Applications of the GoodWe BTC Series Inverter

The GoodWe BTC Series 50 kW is ideal for various applications in Australia, including:

Commercial buildings: Businesses with high daytime energy consumption can significantly benefit from self-consumption with battery storage.

Industrial facilities: Manufacturing plants and factories can leverage the inverter’s high power capacity and unbalanced load capability to keep critical operations running during outages.

Farms and rural properties: The inverter’s ability to work with existing solar systems makes it a cost-effective solution for remote locations with limited grid access.

Here are some other specific applications that GoodWe BTC Series 50 kW is ideal for large commercial and industrial facilities with existing three-phase solar panel systems looking to add battery storage. 

  • Upgrading existing solar panel systems to hybrid systems with battery backup
  • Businesses with high daytime energy consumption that can benefit from self-consumption of solar energy during peak hours
  • Facilities that require uninterrupted power supply for critical operations

Pros of the GoodWe BTC Series 50 kW Inverter

  • Easy integration and scalability: AC-coupled design allows retrofitting existing solar systems with high-voltage batteries (200-865V) for energy storage. The modular design with four sections (DC/DC, DC/AC, STS, and EMS) simplifies installation and maintenance.
  • Fast backup switching: UPS-level switching with a sub-10ms response time ensures seamless and uninterrupted power supply for critical loads during outages.
  • Flexible power management: Active power, reactive power, and power factor are adjustable, making it suitable for microgrids and ensuring overall grid stability.
  • Unbalanced load support: Delivers 100% unbalanced output, enabling each phase to supply power to loads individually, eliminating the need for perfect balancing in backup mode.
  • High power output: Provides 110% continuous AC overloading on the backup side for maximised power delivery during outages.
  • Remote monitoring: Allows for remote shutdown for enhanced system safety and control.

Cons of the GoodWe BTC Series 50 kW Inverter

  • Limited availability of reviews: As a relatively new product, finding in-depth user reviews might be challenging.
  • Higher price point: Due to its advanced features and high capacity, the inverter might have a higher upfront cost than simpler models.

Is the GoodWe BTC Series right for you?

The GoodWe BTC Series is suitable for commercial entities with large-scale solar installations seeking to add battery storage for:

  • Increased self-consumption: Store excess solar energy during the day and utilise it during peak grid times, reducing reliance on the grid and lowering electricity bills.
  • Backup power: The inverter’s ability to switch to battery power in case of grid outages ensures business continuity and minimises disruption.
  • Demand charge reduction: By strategically using battery storage during peak demand periods, you can avoid expensive demand charges levied by utility companies.

Things to consider before choosing the GoodWe BTC Series:

  • System size: Ensure your existing or planned solar system size aligns with the 50kW or 100kW capacity of the inverter.
  • MPPT requirements: For optimal performance, depending on your roof layout and potential shading issues, you might require the 2 MPPT option. Check their ETC Series with up to 2 MPPT.
  • Battery compatibility: Verify compatibility with your preferred high-voltage battery brand and model.

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