It’s amazing how crucial correct wire sizing is in a wind turbine or solar power system! If your cable is too thin, it can severely impact the performance and even be a safety issue!

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Try our DC cable sizing calculator!

 Using wire that is of insufficient diameter between your solar panels and solar regulator can cause excess heat generation. This is not only wasted electricity (also known as line loss), but is a fire hazard. Undersized cable used between the deep cycle battery  and your appliances can cause symptoms such as lights dimming and unexpected equipment shutdowns.

It’s incredibly important not to skimp on your wiring in your solar energy system. If you buy undersized or poor quality wiring, you’ll likely be replacing it very soon; so cheap wire can actually cost you more in the long run.

Calculating wiring size

If you’re not sure what wire size you need, try our DC cable sizing calculator – based on your input of how many amps will be running over what distance,  the calculator will provide you with a guide in mm2, which is a cross-sectional measurement and the sizing we use for cabling. Note that this is a very different measurement to standard millimetre diameter. If you need to convert from that standard to another standard such as AWG, inch or millimetre diameter, you can use the conversion chart below.

Wire size conversion


MM2 mm diameter AWG Inch Diameter
4.17 2.30 11 0.0907
5.26 2.59 10 0.1019
6.63 2.91 9 0.1144
8.36 3.26 8 0.1285
10.55 3.67 7 0.1443
13.29 4.11 6 0.162
16.76 4.62 5 0.1819
21.14 5.19 4 0.2043
26.65 5.83 3 0.2294
33.61 6.54 2 0.2576
42.39 7.35 1 0.2893
53.46 8.25 0 0.3249
67.40 9.27 00 0.3648
84.97 10.40 000 0.4096
107.16 11.68 0000 0.46
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