System Capacity

2 kW

Solar Panels

8x Daqo 250W Polycrystalline

Solar Inverter


Mounting System


Installation Scenario

Tile, Pitched 20-30 Degrees, 1 Storey

Mal Owen made the switch to solar to save money and also with environmental issues in mind.

“Paying a lot for electricity, I don’t really struggle, I can manage the bills but the last couple of bills added up to about $500 – and that’s a fair kick in the tail with finances.”

He first heard about the Darebin City Council Solar $aver program via a flyer from the Council. Under the program, Energy Matters supplied a solar panel system and Mal will be repaying 10% of the system cost in his council rates annually over ten years.

“The reason I went along with the installation of the solar system was because I could pay it off in the rates and it made it much easier to handle the costs involved.”

“The best thing about the whole program I would think is the Council putting forward the initial cost of installing.”

Mal had a 2kW system installed by Energy Matters partner, Energy Wired.

And how does Mal feel about being part of the solar revolution?

“I’m well into solar.. I try to go solar as much as I can. I think it should be put on every house in the city … I couldn’t see anything negative about the program, I think it’s a magnificent idea.”

Under the Darebin City Council Solar $aver program, 294 eligible applicants are able to acquire a system and repay the cost over a decade.

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