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Solar Power Slashes Energy Costs For Australian Pensioners

Darebin Solar Saver

294 pensioners will have their energy bills slashed by solar power in a pilot program funded by Victoria’s Darebin City Council; carried out in partnership with leading solar provider Energy Matters and Positive Charge.

Installations under the new Solar $aver program are expected to save over $400 per annum.

This pilot program focuses on helping senior home-owners make ends meet and offers the opportunity to install solar power systems at no up-front cost, with repayments to occur via council rates over the next ten years.

Darebin City Council is funding this program with $900,000 allocated from their 2013/2014 budget.

“We were determined to find a way to make solar power available to even the lowest income earners in our ongoing efforts to make the homes of Darebin residents safer and less costly,” said Darebin Mayor Steven Tsitas.

“Through the design of this program, Darebin City Council’s investment will also be returned after ten years, freeing up capital for other initiatives,” continued MayorTsitas.

Darebin pensioner, Mal Owen, who has had a 2kW solar panel system installed on his home, said he is thrilled with the steps Darebin City Council is taking to deliver the benefits of solar to elderly pensioners.

“Now that I’ve installed solar, I don’t have to worry about the cost of air conditioning, particularly as we approach the hottest months of the year,” said Mr Owen.

“The demand for this program has been incredible,” says Jeremy Rich, CEO of Energy Matters. “In just 9 weeks, we’ve reached installation capacity and there’s a waiting list for future installations.”

“The initial success of this pilot program with the Darebin City Council opens up a national discussion with councils throughout Australia. Our goal is to work with other councils around the country to implement this initiative and support low-income pensioner home-owners with the introduction of solar power,” said Mr Rich.

The solar power systems installed by Energy Matters are accompanied by a ten-year warranty on solar panels, inverters and installation.

Editor’s Note: Energy Matters installed monitors in several Darebin households in order to predict the savings homeowners will earn through the program.


Energy Matters is one of Australia’s largest national companies solely dedicated to solar energy; with warehouses around the country and a staff of more than 60 people. The award winning business was founded in 2005 and has since installed over 15,000 solar systems on homes, schools and commercial buildings; including Australia’s largest privately funded solar photovoltaic project, Melbourne’s NEXTDC data centre.

Energy Matters is committed to helping Australians live in a world of energy abundance by providing quality solar systems at affordable prices. Its nationwide team of passionate and knowledgeable solar advocates, expert installers and reputable brands are the foundation of its success. Energy Matters is 100% Australian owned and sources only products that have been tested in Australia’s harsh conditions. With expertise in both grid connect and stand-alone power, Energy Matters is able to provide flexible clean energy solutions to fit almost all needs. To learn more or join the thousands of Australians who have already gone solar, visit www.energymatters.com.au. Australian Credit Licence: 422611.

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