Grid connected solar power systems

You can have solar energy powering your home, schoolchurch, community building or business easily and economically by installing a mains electricity supply integrated grid-connect solar system. If you’re wondering what this means, it’s simply a rooftop solar system!

Empowering your space with solar energy is a practical and economical choice. If you’re considering the shift to a grid-connected solar rooftop system, take the next step seamlessly with Energy Matters. Get FREE solar quotes, making the transition to sustainable energy both effortless and informed for your home, school, church, community building, or business.

Over the life of a PV system, you’ll be able to power your home with electricity cheaper than what you pay for from the grid. Learn more about grid-connect home solar power systems.

Businesses large and small can reduce carbon emissions and electricity bills by installing solar power systems! Learn more about the financial opportunities and benefits for businesses.

While the school grant is no longer available, a solar installation can cut your school’s power bills. If your school is in a remote area and unable to connect to the mains grid, other rebate programs may be available.

The Australian Government is currently offering incentives and subsidies that can reduce the cost of a PV power system installation for a community or church building substantially!

In a remote location away from the mains grid and need a stand-alone power solution? We have all the information you’ll need regarding equipment, systems, and rebates!

When you’re ready to make the switch to solar, Energy Matters is here for you! We provide FREE quotes via a nationwide network of trusted solar installers. Begin your solar journey today!

30 second guide to grid-connected solar systems

Does the idea of generating electricity from the sun seem too complex? Grid-connect solar power systems are really quite simple as there are very few components!

Here’s how they work:

How Home Solar Works
  • Sun shines on the solar panels that then generate DC electricity.
  • This DC current is routed into a solar power inverter that inverts it to 240 volts AC, the same as your mains supply
  • Any surplus electricity generated by the system not used by your appliances feeds back into the electricity supply grid. For which you receive a credit that varies depending on the state in which systems are installed.

Aside from the components, Energy Matters also makes installing systems simple! Learn more by reading solar panel reviews and use our calculator to find out what size system you might need. 

Reduce or wipe out your power bills altogether while helping to reduce energy-related carbon emissions!