24 Hours of Sun With Fronius GEN24, the Most Sustainable Inverter in the World

Say hello to the Fronius GEN24 and GEN24 Plus inverters revolutionising the solar industry.
Fronius home inverter and battery solution

Welcome to the incredible world of Fronius GEN24!

From the initial consultation and installation to maintenance, the Fronius GEN24 and GEN24 Plus provide an advantage right from the start. Recently seen on Renovate or Rebuild, let’s take a look at the inverter revolutionising the industry.

Built-in freedom

Open interfaces and digital inputs/outputs make it exceptionally easy to integrate and manage components from Fronius or third-party providers to increase your solar energy self-consumption

  • The Fronius Ohmpilot consumption regulator uses excess power to continuously control the heating of hot water, so you can enjoy efficient energy use and even lower CO2 emissions.
  • Fronius Wattpilot uses excess solar energy to power your electric car for sustainable and affordable travel.

Backup power for every situation

Fronius Backup power for every situation
  • PV Point, providing basic backup power without a battery, is included with every GEN24 inverter and can be implemented without costly additional hardware. This supports single-phase loads up to 3kW in the event of a power failure when the sun is shining.
  • Activate the hybrid capabilities of the GEN24 through the Fronius UP.storage software upgrade, to allow retrofitting of a battery for greater self-sufficiency and/or full backup whenever you are ready.

Versatility as Standard

Fronius Versatility as Standard

When dealing with shading, the integrated shading-management Dynamic Peak Manager algorithm is efficient and safe.

  • The algorithm detects any shade and optimises the yield at the string level. It regularly scans the entire voltage output curve to find the most efficient operating point of the photovoltaic system, resulting in maximum yields despite shading.
  • No additional components at PV module level are required and, therefore, the system reliability is increased whilst minimising any failure and fire risk for the photovoltaic system.
  • Active cooling technology keeps the inverter’s power electronics at a constantly low temperature.
  • Designed with a larger low-noise fan and curved heat sink to ensure maximum heat dissipation for longer service life and higher yield due to better performance.

The most sustainable inverter in the world, as verified by the renowned Fraunhofer IZM

Fronius The most sustainable inverter in the world, as verified by the renowned Fraunhofer IZM
  • Use of 100% recycled aluminium in the heat sinks
  • Over 90% recyclable packaging
  • 100% green energy production
  • A PV system with the Fronius GEN24 Plus offsets 500 metric tonnes of CO2 over 20 years — the equivalent to the emissions of 469 flights from Vienna to New York. 
  • Highest quality test standards applied in the development and production to ensure durability and extended longevity of 20 years+ service life
  • Only individual parts or affected components need to be replaced instead of replacing the entire unit, reducing downtime of your solar system
  • Local repair centre in Australia 

Multi Award Winning

First-class efficiency

Praised by HTW Berlin: The Fronius GEN24 Plus achieved a top spot in the Energy Storage Inspection for the fourth time in a row in 2023, confirming its excellent efficiency when used in combination with energy storage systems.

With an impressive over 30 years of expertise, Fronius stands as the forerunner and foremost figure in solar and power conversion. Fronius GEN24 inverters are meticulously crafted in the heart of Europe, with sustainability at the core of their design. The inverter is the epitome of cutting-edge technology, seamlessly integrating various features while remaining sustainable, making it the ultimate future-proof choice for consumers.

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