Renovate or Rebuild Episode 6 Recap: REC Alpha Pure-RX Solar Panels Lowering Power Bills

Renovate or Rebuild Episode 6

The renovation of the QLD home in episode 6 of Renovate or Rebuild was nothing short of breathtaking. Last week’s episode saw Deb bringing home the win for team renovate. This week’s episode revealed the final product, and it was a winner all ‘round. From a master ensuite to a brand-new pool – this home now has it all! We were also taken on a tour of Bec Douros’ home, which was recently installed with the all-new REC Alpha Pure-RX solar panels. Let’s take a closer look at episode 6.

From planning to construction: Kai Konstruct making the dream a reality

Things happen fast when an experienced builder is at the helm. Kai Konstruct were tasked with bringing the extension, facelift, and pool addition to life. While there were challenges along the way, such as asbestos and drainage issues, the team transformed the home quickly and efficiently. With the weather on their side, and the homeowners eagerly awaiting the transformation offsite, the framing and pool installation occurred in just 4 weeks. 

Chatting with host James Treble, Tim Sayce, the director of Kai Konstruct, explained how they were able to add the extension to the home. Using the space previously occupied by a toilet, the extension was connected by a new hallway to the existing home. The extension allowed for the addition of a powder room, replacing the toilet, and a larger existing bathroom. Housed inside the extension was the much-anticipated master bedroom and ensuite. A feature in the new ensuite, not previously seen by James, is a pull-out laundry hamper!

Sustainability and energy efficiency must-haves

One of the must-haves for homeowners, Julian and Angela, was a solar system. With the addition of a pool, saving money on their power bills was essential. To find out how solar can help Julian and Angela, Roshan, our CEO, took a trip to Williamstown in VIC where he met up with Bec Douros. Bec and George, former contestants on The Block, recently renovated their home and had solar installed. Chosen for their incredible efficiency, quality, and aesthetics, REC’s Alpha Pure-RX solar panels were installed on the home. 

With three young kids, and a fantastically designed home, solar panels that function as required and meld with the aesthetics were a must. The roof with the panels installed is north-facing, perfect for solar. As a bonus, the panels cannot be viewed directly from the street. Though, where they can be viewed, they do not detract from the overall design of the home.

The REC Alpha Pure-RX solar panel

REC Alpha Pure-RX solar panels utilise Heterojunction (HJT) cell technology which ensures no power loss and greater power output. The panels were designed for all the elements that Australia is known for, including salt mist, high temperatures, and high winds. When installed by an REC Certified Solar Professional, you can benefit from REC’s Protrust Warranties. These warranties include:

  • 25 year performance warranty: covering defects in the panels
  • 25 year production warranty: your panels will perform exactly as expected for 25 years – and with 92% efficiency after 25 years
  • 25 year labour warranty

Bec and George installed the system hoping to lower their bills and they’ve done exactly that!

Freshwater pool by Naked Pools

Ticking off one of their must-haves was the Naked Freshwater Pool System. This huge addition to the rear of the home will allow Julian and Angela to enjoy a dip without harsh chemicals. Utilising copper and silver, the homeowners can relax knowing that their pool will not irritate their skin or harm their plants or pets. The advanced system uses just one bag of salt whereas a saltwater equivalent pool would use 12 to 15. The brand-new pool, visible from the deck, kitchen, and new master suite, is sure to entertain the family and their friends for years to come. To ensure that their neighbours don’t mind the new addition, an Acoustic Box was added to the pool pump to reduce the noise.

Passive homes, home automation, and sound-proof windows

Hitting the road, Andy, Deb, and James all checked out products that elevate the sustainability and comfort of a home.

Sustainable home of the future

James met the owner of Red Cedar Constructions, Garret Clark, in Thornleigh NSW. The home constructed by Red Cedar Constructions features products and designs previously unseen in Australia. The home is passive, meaning minimal heating and cooling are required for the comfort of the home. This was achieved through triple-glazed windows, insulation, Bondor SolarSpan roofing, and special thermal mass tubing that doubles as a feature of the home. The Bondor roofing was installed in a day. The passive design required no special or additional trades and was constructed in a similar fashion to a ‘regular’ house.

Home automation saving you time and money

Showcasing ABB’s free@home home automation technology to Deb was Christian Schiemann, business manager for ABB. Transforming a home into a smart home is as simple as switching out some light switches, adding a wall-mounted screen, and accessing the technology in your home via your phone. Using ABB’s app, or the touchscreen, you can control the lights, sound system, fans, air conditioning, dishwasher, and whatever you have plugged in. You can control your home from anywhere in the world with a simple touch of a button.

Noise-reducing windows

There’s little more frustrating than sitting in the comfort of your home and being confronted with sound from the street. James had a look at windows and doors that reduce noise pollution. Prestige Plus offers Deceuninck uPVC windows and doors that effectively soundproof your home whilst providing fantastic insulation. Unlike many European countries, Australia has historically had low-quality windows installed on homes. These windows do little to protect homes from the heat or cold. Investing in higher-quality windows and doors today means comfort for decades to come.

The final reveal of the QLD renovation

The day finally arrived and we could not be more impressed by the outcome! The addition of a two-car carport, and new cladding and paint, completely transformed the facade of the home. Heading inside, small changes in the existing portion of the home drastically improved the overall look and feel. New switches, painted walls, refurbished wooden flooring, new downlights, an added servery window in the kitchen, and Fanco ceiling fans all elevated the home. 

The team checking out the renovated home episode 6

Touring the new extension, the addition of a master bedroom and ensuite completely transforms the house. Walking out onto the revamped deck to the pool below truly highlights the transformative work of a renovation. The extension also provides the homeowners with an additional outdoor entertaining area below it with the option to use the space to add to the house in the future.

The final cost of the renovation came in at around $550,000.

The day was not quite over with Andy facing his fear of spiders. Losing out to Deb, his challenge was to hold a spider, and he did so with Australia’s largest huntsman, the Golden Hunstman!

Andy spider challenge

Tune in next week as we head to the final house of the series with Jess and Norm in NSW. Watch on Saturdays at 3:30pm on Channel 9, reruns on Channel 9Life, or stream on 9Now.

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