Sustainable Building and Construction: Kai Konstruct’s Industry-Leading Building Methods

OHA Episode 2 solar panels

One of the things we absolutely love to see is how homes are adopting technology and building practices to help the environment. The home featured in episode 2, season 6 of Open Homes Australia is a fantastic example of this. The exceptional home was brought to life by Kai Konstruct.

We were no strangers to this incredible home. Our chat with the homeowner, Sean Triner, highlighted the enormous 9.1 energy star rating of the home. The Road to Zero episode that featured Tim Sayce from Kai Konstruct also opened our eyes to the challenges facing the construction industry. Tim discussed the methods that can be utilised to reduce the industry’s environmental impact.


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Changing the Industry for a cleaner future

The Australian building and construction industry is responsible for between 15 and 100 tonnes of CO2 for each new house built. Homes are comprised of many materials, most of which are manufactured via unsustainable practices. Kai Konstruct, located in QLD, is a residential construction company that partners with homeowners from start to finish. They bring with them a wealth of knowledge of the industry and sustainable practices.

Sean’s Gold Coast home was constructed so that 85% of the building waste could be recycled. Kai Konstruct utilised building methods that are sustainable and environmentally friendly. They incorporate known energy-efficient products such as double-glazed windows and insulation throughout.

While a substantial portion of a home’s carbon emissions derives from its construction, the ongoing emissions all contribute to Australia’s greenhouse emissions. In fact, Australian homes account for 20% of Australia’s emissions – with electricity accounting for 10% of our country’s total emissions.


It is important to choose a construction company that is not only using sustainable construction methods but designing the home to account for heating, cooling, and energy needs. Kai Konstruct works with their customers to design and construct homes to minimise their carbon footprint. This is achieved through the careful selection of products installed throughout the home and the materials used.

Solar and battery storage drive home the savings

A 20kW solar system and 12kW of battery storage allow this home to move away from the electricity grid and become self-sufficient. This provided the homeowners with enormous savings on their electricity bills. It also helps their home achieve the 9.1 energy star rating. The home features an EV charger, pool, and technology throughout. The homeowners required a system that would see their energy needs met throughout the day whilst giving them the electricity they require to keep the lights and TV running at night.

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Kai Konstruct presented a home that is achievable in Australia with current technology and practices. Whether you’re looking to build a brand new home, knock down and rebuild, or update your existing home, we recommend working with industry experts to bring you the latest technology and practices to save you money and protect our environment. Kai Konstruct is one such expert and we can not recommend them more highly!

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