Kai Konstruct’s Stunning Gold Coast Home Featured on Open Homes Australia

In episode 2 of Open Homes Australia, Energy Matters visited Currumbin Waters on the Gold Coast in Qld. Roshan, our CEO, was accompanied by presenter Carlene Duffy and Tim Sayce from Kai Konstruct, who showcased the incredible house featured in the episode. The ultimate aim of the house’s design was to achieve carbon neutrality, accomplished through sustainable materials and building methods. The dark exterior was chosen for its sustainability, and the sheeting was folded and pressed to ensure the building method was as sustainable as possible.

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Energy star rating

The house, owned by Sean Triner, who was featured in Episode 26 of Road to Zero, was designed with sustainability in mind and achieved an impressive 9.1 energy star rating. The layout of the home, energy-efficient windows, insulation, and colour choice all contributed to creating a self-cooling home.

Bringing the outdoors inside

An indoor stream of water resembling a beautiful rock pool brings the outdoors inside. The courtyard connecting the frontage with the back pool area, the “master pavilion,” the kitchen/living area, and the “guest pavilion” was designed to allow natural cooling through airflow.

Sustainability and carbon neutrality

To stay true to the goal of sustainability and carbon neutrality, the original home was incorporated into the new house. Up to 85% of the original home was reused, including the original fireplace, roof trusses, and slab. The walls, which were infested with termites, had to be removed.

Solar, battery storage, and EV charging

The house features a 20kW solar system with Fronius inverter, 12kW battery storage, and an EV charger, allowing the homeowners to reduce their reliance on the electricity grid and significantly reduce their environmental impact. The solar panels are mounted on a structure that doubles as shading. Roshan discussed the use of renewable energy technology in the home, which was a major contributing factor in achieving carbon neutrality.

You can catch encores of this episode, as well as all-new episodes, on channel 9Life.

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