Case Statewide Solar: An Energy Matters Retailer Partner

Working with the fantastic homeowners featured on Open Homes Australia really brings to the fore the importance of selecting the right solar installer for the job. Case Statewide Solar was our first choice for the home featured on Episode 1 of Season 6, and what an incredible result for the homeowners.

If you’re considering solar for your own home, it’s crucial to find a reliable and experienced installer. To help you get started on your solar journey, you might want to explore FREE solar quotes from Energy Matters. This can give you valuable insights into the possibilities for your home without any commitment. Understanding your options is the first step towards making a well-informed decision for a sustainable and energy-efficient future.

Why selecting the right installer is paramount

There are endless choices available to home and business owners when making the decision to go solar. The most important decision, in our view, is that of the solar installer. Roshan, our CEO, recently covered the reasons behind the importance of selecting the right retailer in his recent blog. Energy Matters works with some of the best solar retailers across Australia, and the homeowners in Episode 1 required a retailer who would understand their current and future needs.

The right retailer for the job

Case Statewide Solar delivered an enormous 23kW solar system on this property. Featuring 49 x 470W Jinko solar panels, this system will cover all of the daytime energy usage by the home. With heating, cooling, an outdoor swimming pool, and power-hungry appliances, this home required a large system. The average newly-installed solar system is now 10kW, so this home sits well and above the average! Energy Matters recommends the addition of solar battery storage as a future addition and upgrade. This will capture the excess energy generated by the solar system for use at night.

The future is electric

As Roshan explains, homes and lifestyles are shifting towards electric. Many homeowners are considering the addition of an electric vehicle, as well as the upgrade to all electric appliances. This shift will place a greater toll on homeowners’ electricity bills, and this is where solar retailers, such as Case Statewide Solar, come into play. Offering additions and upgrades, such as battery storage, solar hot water, and LED light replacement, Case Statewide Solar can ready your home for the future.

Selecting the right solar installer for your home or business begins with completing our quick quiz, which is exactly what led the homeowners of this stunning NSW property to partner with Case Statewide Solar. With a fantastic reputation, top-quality customer service, and fantastic workmanship, look no further than Case Statewide solar for your NSW home or business.

Case Statewide Solar

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